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Dealing with jealous cats

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I think my cat Duck is jealous of any other cat in the house getting attention. She is definitely the biggest of the 7 females and 1 male that let me live in their house. Whenever anyone shows affection or talks to any of the other cats, Duck comes running within seconds. She places herself in between the human and the cat getting attention, or if she can't do that, she's as close as can be. She even swaps at the other cats. She hasn't tried physically shoving a cat off my lap or anything, but she always makes sure she's RIGHT THERE when anyone else gets some love. I try to give all my babies as much attention as I can, and to whomever wants it, but I have a feeling that a good percentage of the squabbles in my house are due to Duck having a jealousy issue.

Does anyone have a jealous cat like this? Have you found any solutions?
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yeah i have one Sooty doesnt like it if flash wants attention off me he makes this whiny little noise and then walks over to me and wants the attention (hes ma boy hehe) he wont push her away but needs to be there, he even knows if flash is getting a cuddle in a diffrent room he comes through hes a spooky cat

i havent found a solution to it but i dont mind he chose me to be his person i guess
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It's more about dominance than jealousy; cats are ALL about dominance when dealing with each other.

Duck is obviously the "Queen" and intends to keep it that way!
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i dont think its domanince all the time mind, as sooty is only like that with me and doesnt bother if flash is cuddling up to my partner
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I have been wondering how to tell which is the Alpha kitty. I figured it wasn't my only boy, he's far too mellow and easygoing.

Is that how you tell who is the dominant kitty? Is there any other behavior that would say who "the boss" is? I know at feeding time, Autumn sits in one spot and "boxes" any cat who walks by here. I see Peanut chase after Duck quite a bit, but it's in reverse too.

Incidentally, Duck is my kitty with peeing problems. She's been tested and treated for a UTI and now everyone is on special urinary tract food. But now I wonder if it's her jealousy and her need for dominance that is the cause for her peeing problem.

Any thoughts?
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I have taken in a feral cat with a dropped foot-small cat. My larger female cat attacks it and tries to bite it-my other female plays with it constantly. I'm afraid the larger cat will end up hurting it and put her in a seperate room at night when I can't watch it. However it is making the little one hide and only come out at night. Is it mean to it because it is hurt- it can knock it over with 1 big paw.
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Apparently, I have a jealous kitty. I have a baby snake named Prince, and Oscar (my cat) will rub on me, roll over and show me his belly -he likes having his tummy rubbed- and meowing really, really loud. He doesn't try to eat Prince, he just tries to shove him out of my hand when I'm holding him. Also, when I play with Littlest Pet Shops (I like to create stories with them) he will rub on them and on the houses, and practically any L.P.S thing that I am frequently picking up or something. When I walk away, I find him chewing on the ones I 'm using. Oh, he'll avoid the ones that I don't use, but as soon as I start using them, well, let's just say they should prepare to meet Oscar's teeth. laughing02.gif

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