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How do you tell which cat is not using litterbox?

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One of my three cats is peeing in the kid's bathroom, right next to the toilet, usually after they (the kids, not the cats) have taken a bath.

I think the bath water that is splashed on the floor is mixing with urine residue from the sides and bottom of the toilet (5 year old boys don't aim so well at 3:00 a.m.), and the cat is smelling it and thinking it is an okay spot to pee in.

I usually have to put a large old bath towel down after bathtime, to soak up all of the water, and if I don't pick it up within a few hours, it gets peed on.

I have meticulously cleaned the area with enzyme cleaner, and sprayed citrus around the toilet, but if I go even one day without cleaning it, the next morning I have a puddle.

How do I know which cat is doing it, so I can take them to the vet?
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Take both cats in to the vet and have them checked for an URI
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I would prefer to not have to take all three to the vet, when only one is doing the peeing. I was hoping that someone with multiple cats who had been through anything similiar, might have suggestions on how to narrow the field. If in the end, I have to take them all in, I will, but would like to know if there is an alternative measure.
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I guess I would set the kitty up and watch or video tape the doorway to catch the culprit. I have 10 or so cats here and they are always trying to pin the blame on each other. LOL
I know which one pushes things off the mantle and counter tops. I haven't caught the one who starts a spat and everyone has cleared the room before I can even get to the door. LOL
Good luch on finding the culprit!
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That's a great idea! I will be able to see exactly who is doing the deed. I will have to borrow the camera from a friend, or figure out a way to put my webcam in there, but at least now I have way to see what's going on in there.

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I read about this but haven't tried it so I don't know whether it will work.

What I read was to feed one cat separately for two days. For those two days put blue dye in that cat's food. If you see colored pee you will know it is that cat. If no blue pee on the floor, put dye in cat #2's food for the next couple of days, etc. Of course I would not try this if they were peeing on the rug, but since it is on the bathroom floor, the food dye shouldn't be a problem.

Good luck!
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ask the vet about fluorescein dye..... it can be done orally and then use a black light the urine will glow... what you should do it pick one cat treat that cat for about 1week and when ever someone pees check for a glow if there is no glow after about 2 days then it is one of the other cats you have to wait one week after the last treatment on the first cat to start treatment on the next cat..... also check on the towel and floor for red tent to the urine...... if you see that I would not try this because urinary tract infections should not be put off treating especially in male cats there can be complications and that in the end will cost lots more money

Good luck Wendi
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Cat urine as well as human urine will glow in a black light without any addatives! This is how I make sure all urine is cleaned from a spot that kitties are not supposed to use. All bodily fluids will glow. If you want to freak yourself out shine a black light in your bathroon to see how clean it really is..... Ewwwww
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Well, its seems to be a random crime of opportunity, as there have been no more incidents since my first post. I really think that one of the cats is just attracted to the smell around the toilet area, and as long as its odor free, they are not interested.

It is annual check-up time for two of the cats (thank goodness for the reminders they send out), so they will be going to see the vet anyway. I will have them checked for UTI, along with the third cat, even though at this point I am doubtful that anything other than a sensitive sense of smell is to blame.

Thanks for the great ideas though!
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