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Pic of my new kitten

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Here are some pics of my new kittens. ( accident before I spay/neuter my cats...)

I also post more photo, Video and 360 View of my kitten on my site:

Please leave message on my Guestbook.

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Absolutely precious!
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I wuv widdle kitten faces!
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They're all soooo precious!!!! BTW nice site, I enjoyed looking at your pics and videos, and the little animated cat walking around on your home page is cute too!!!!
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I love the pic of that white one! Soooo precious!
Your website looks great!
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Adorable little babies !!!
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Cute tiny fuzzy faces!
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They are sooo precious!!! How old are they?
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What precious angels - a definate cuteness overload!!!
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wow what cuties!!
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Wow they are sooo pretty! I absolutely loved the picture you have on your site of the kittens kissing. TOOO precious!
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Thanks all of your commen - You guys are so nice, and I will post new videos to the site in this 2 days. Check back later

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Man! I wanna kiss their widdle noses! They are sweet!
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Awwwwwwwwww! Such sweeties! I'm just checking out your site!

Thanks for sharing!

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I always wonder what it would be like to take care of babies

They're adorable
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OOOOHHHH I want the white one. Years ago I had a white kitty I raised. His name was George. He was a lover.
He unfortunately insisted on going outside and one time he didn't come back. Suspect the coyotes were the cause.
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Awww sorry to hear about George Hermoine.

These babies are soooo cute, and your camera captures such clear pictures!
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omg they are adorable! Such little dolls! I hope we get to see them as they get a little bigger too!
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oh my goodness. I just want to kiss their tiny little faces! So precious!!!!

Kai-U Persians & Himalayans
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What sweet babies! : :
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