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Beauty Tips? Got any to share?

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I thought it would be fun to share with each other some beauty tips that we've learned through out the years. Plus, who wouldn't mind getting a few tips to add to your collection?

Here's mine and I swear by it! If you've got really dry and flakey skin, you've gotta try this. I use it once a week on my face and whenever I think about it on the other dry parts of my body (ankles, soles of feet, knees & etc).

It's called The Sugar Rub. You take your favorite soap or shower gel or facial cleanser and lather it up really good on your hands. Then take some sugar (enough to make a foamy paste) and then rub that on the area. Just rub in circular motions and then wash it off. It removes all the dead skin from your body and your skin will be the softest it's ever been. Don't worry if your skin turns red or pink, it goes away in 10 minutes or so. I use it even when my skin isn't dry or flakey...just mainly to exfoliate my skin. It's alot like St. Ives Apricot Scrub, but not as harsh and in the long run it's much cheaper.
Definitely try it out and let me know what you all think.

Any beauty tips that you want to share?
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Lessee, *thinking* I dont have any great beauty tips, but I swear by the already moist cloths that Ponds and Olay have - just grab one and wash your face and throw it out - no water needed. Its great especially on humid summer days when you have been sweating. The body shop also sells these blotting paper thingies and you can blot oiliness from your face...I love them! I use 3 different kinds of facial lotion, Lancome Vinefit (a gift from a lovely friend ), Cetaphil and Avon - I cant remember the name but its a multivitamin one.
I love the Garnier Fructis shampoo - its great!

Im not much help in the beauty department, but if anyone can help me, I would appreciate it too LMAO
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Here's another one that I just thought of when I was reading Kellye's post about the lotions. A couple months ago I bought some Shea Butter at WalMart and at first I didn't like it. I seemed waxy, but I thought I'd give it another try now since I've been tanning & my skin gets dried out from that. I love it! I found that it is waxy if you don't rub it between your hands first. I just bought another jar of it today and found it comes in different flavors. The one that I've been using is called Tree Hut Shea Butter, but there is Brazil Nut Shea Butter and Mango Shea Butter. They smell so yummy!
Plus, it was $4 for a 7 oz jar! It doesn't take much either! So, if you've got really dry skin I recommend using this product! OH..I put a little bit on my face in the morning before I put on my foundation and I've noticed that my makeup stays on so much longer & doesn't look like I need to touch it up.
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If you're getting up into middle age (as I am), long hair is not a good thing. It tends to draw your face down and add years. I got mine cut, a couple of weeks ago and everyone at work has remarked on how good it looks and that it makes me look younger. Even the guys have noticed and commented and we know that men never notice ANYTHING like that!

I have also quit using washcloths, for bathing. I use bath gloves and body wash. The gloves are abrasive enough to exfoliate but soft enough not to irritate sensitive areas. Since using these, I don't have all of that dry skin rolling up on my legs, after shaving. They're about $2.99 a pair, at Walgreen's and last about 3-4 months before wearing out. Bill loves it, when I scrub his back with them.
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Apricot Facial scrub is great
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Ginger, if you like the Apricot scrub I know you'll like the sugar rub!
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Dove Sensitive Skin soap for my face and lots of sunscreen! (Sorry I couldn't come up with anything more interesting)
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Shell, I do the same but with Salt!!

Frizzy hair anyone? I love, love, love Fizz Ease.
It's the best.

When you get older less is more in the make-up department.
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If you have coarse and/or frizzy hair I have a remedy that I will also swear by. I do this once every two weeks to keep my hair silky soft.

I put lotion in my hair for 2-3 hours one night when I'm home all evening. Make sure you put it on really good, and that all your scalp and hair is covered in it. After letting it sit for at least an hour and a half (I typically let is sit for at least two hours.. I'll just watch a movie or something), take a shower and wash your hair really good with shampoo, it might take a two or three good washes to get it out, and use a good conditioner. Let the conditioner sit for at least one minute and then rinse.

When you get out you can blow dry or let your hair air dry. It will be very soft though. I keep my hair very very soft by doing this. Anyone that ever touches my hair always comments on how baby soft it is.
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I have some sugar rub made by Bath and Body Works Aeromatherapy in Rose scent! It is awesome but a little oily to use often. It really makes my skin soft and smooth.
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I use Witchhazel to clean my face every night. I've noticed a BIG difference with my complexion since I started doing this! AND it's a natural product that doesn't dry out your face. It is toxic to kitties, though, so be sure to wash your hands up and throw the cotton square/balls in a safe place away from kitty mouths.
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For dry skin, use Olive Oil. It's natural and great for your skin!
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Also wanted to say, I love the Vaseline Intensive Care Healthy Body Complexion lotion - it is fabulous on my body!
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