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Baby Kitten's!

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I rescured two kitten's from the lady who live's next door ,she had 6 ,and was giving them away,and if she could't she was going to have to take them to the shelter.She has already given away 5,I got a black one with a tiny white mark on his belly! He is so cute !and a all gray one with green eyes,he is the runt of the bunch,but he is a sweetie! Oh course , I can't take picture's! But when I can I will post them!
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Ohh I can't wait to see them!! Are you keeping them for good or just going to foster them?? I bet they are adorable!!
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that was so good of you to help out, i bet thet are sweet, there isnt anything any sweetie than a baby, no matter what it is the kittens i had here at my home are all at there new homes and doing fine, good luck with them .
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Sherral, what an you are! Now you HAVE to win a digital camera on eBay, so we can see what these little ones look like!
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He is going to keep them,they are 7 weeks,I did't want them put to sleep.His kids fell in love the minute they saw them.!
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Sherral, I'm confused. Are you rescuing the kittens or did someone else take them?
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I got them for my son and his kids!He wanted a kiten for them,and he could not afford to go to the shelter,so I rescured them!!
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Ok...pardon me for being slow!

Thanks great Sherral! I'm glad that you could have those little kittens, you've brightened up your Grandkids lives in the process!
I'm sure they're just having a ball with those kitties!
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When I left they were writing down names and were going to vote on what to name them!
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I think it's great for children to grow up with having animals in their lives. It makes them have responsiblity for living creatures and they learn how to love others.

I hope they have alot of fun with the new lil guys...gotta post some pics when you get that camera! Still sending you good vibes for the new camera!
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They were thinking storm cloud for the gray one,the 6 year said he looks like a gray cloud right before it rains!
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Awww!! I can't wait to see pictures!! Sounds like you made someone's day, and you definitely made two special kittens lives
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Sherral, I'm looking forward to seeing pics of the kittens whenever you're able to post them. I like the name Storm Cloud for the grey kitten.
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I like the name as well Sherral !

Thank you for rescuing those kittens! , You are godsent and I can not wait to see pictures.
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they named the black one Elmo!AND THE GRAY one cloud.
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Weeee can't wait to see pictures of Elmo and Cloud. I love the names btw.
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Awwww Yehaw, Elmo is my babey's name Cloud's funky too!

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