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sick little kitten

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I was kind of wondering what everyone thought about this situation.
My daughter was given a kitten, that was bought by a friend from a local pet shop. It was supposed to be 12 weeks now but looks younger to me. Ever since they have had this kitten, about 2 and a half weeks or so it has had diahrrea. They took it to the vet and he did feline leuk. and FIV tests and they came back neg. He put the kitten on albon and some other kind of medication. He also did some fecal tests and ruled out any worms. She has taken the albon for 10 days now and she still has the diahrrea. She was also put on a diet of a special food for gastrointestinal problems, made by Purina, soft kind of like Tender vittles brand. She only weighed 1 pound 8 ounces on the 1st vet visit and now, a couple of weeks later she hasnt gained any weight. Today they upped the dosage of albon to 2 times a day and the other med too, I will ask later and find out what it is exactly is. The vet did some blood work on her today and will know more about it on thursday and he did an FIP test too, that will be back early next week. Also my daughters roommate has a cat too, and the kitten has probably been eating the adult cat food too, if she can get to it too. She just seems really small to me, the weight and all. She had no fever and is playful and eats and drinks well too. Any thoughts on what may be wrong, or how we may help her. Thanks!
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Oh boy, it could be so many things. It's only been 2.5 weeks so the diet change hasn't had time to show much. If the kitten is eating the others food, then the diet trial won't show any results. It could be stress that caused it as well. It sounds as if the vet is running all the appropriate tests, and is ruling things out one at a time. The most common medication for diahrrea is Flagyl. Maybe that's one of the medications? Albon would have taken care of any infection in the upper or lower intestine. Just tell her to hang in there, and the vet will get to the bottom of it
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What food were they feeding the kitten at the pet shop? Is the special food OK for kittens? They need more calories than adults. There is a recipe for kitten glop on the site a search should come up with a thread or two.

Good luck!
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She is such a cutie. I wanted to bring her to my house too, but I dont want to expose my guys to whatever problem it may be. I have 9 and I really dont want mine to get sick and all. I have 2 12 week old kittens and they weigh over 3 pounds. Does the 1lb. 8 oz. seem small to you for a 12 week old? Honestly after taking a look at her she looks much younger. I would really like for her to be seen by my vet but dont know if I should bring her in to my house and try and quarantine her here or not. My daughter lives 2 hours away from me and she is there with her. Seems like I remember her calling the other medication Pectillin or Pectin or something like that. I really want this little girl to be ok. She is so adorable.
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I would get a bottle of GSE and drop 3 drops into her wet food every day. GSE stands for Grapefruit Seed Extract. I would also put it in her water about 3 drops as well. Get the liquid not the pills. You can find it at any decent health food store or over the internet
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I have some GSE. Will it be ok to give it to her while she is still taking the Albon and the Pectillin?
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yes it would be fine they do not interact with each other and cause problems
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Poor little thing I have always heard not to get kittens/cats from pet stores now I know why.
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Well I went to get my daughter to bring her up here from florida and we brought Tibby with us. She is so cute, I made a room for her and sealed it off from the other cats and I have her confined in there, she is eating and drinking and we called the vet today and the blood work all came back negative for feline leuk. feline aids and corona virus, the virus that could cause FIP. Im going to make sure she gets her meds on time and watch her closely. She is playing and seems to feel great, she is just so small. She is on Purina EN, a gastrointestinal diet right now and still on albon and pectillin too until monday. I hope she will start to gain some weight and the diahrrea will stop, looks like it might be firming up a bit hopefully. I will take a pic of her soon and post it for everyone to see.
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Tibby is doing better. Her Diarrhea is amost gone. She isnt going to the litter box as much and its much better. I go in and feed her small amounts every few hours and she seems to be doing so much better. I just hope it keeps up. She is feeling really well, but she is just so small. I'm gonna keep a close eye on her and keep feeding her small meals every few hours and hope she will continue to improve. She looks like she was taken away from her mother way too soon. I dont know how pet stores get away with selling kittens so young. I'm really glad my daughter has her though, she is getting loads of love and attention.
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Here is a pic or two I took of her today. She is so tiny!
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another one.
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oh my she is a cutie, and you are right, awfully small. Should still be with mom getting nutrients and learning how to be a cat. I am glad her diarrhea is stopping. That GSE is simply amazing stuff!
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It sure is!!!
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Tibby is so tiny! And cute! I hope she continues to get better. She definitely looks a bit on the small side. Hopefully she'll start gaining some weight now that her tummy issues seem to be going away.
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What a tiny little Tortoishell bi-color!

Good Luck with her & keep us updated!

Hugs! Sam.
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