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Pen Pal Members.... Just Checking In

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How is everyone doing?

Our first month has passed.....

Did every member receive an email or card or package?

I hope so!!!

Keep up the good work -

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How do I get a penpal
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Currently membership is closed we will re-open enrollment Sept 1st.

We keep our current pen-pals for 3 months
then we allow new members to join!


I'll post a new thread when we're ready for new members....

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Cool. I must have just missed it!
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I mailed mine out yesterday, I know I am the world's worst procrastinator...please don't kick me out of the club
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I got an email from my penpal, and I've sent a couple emails and a package to mine.
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I *sniff* didn't *sniff* get *sniff* to *sniff* ask *sniff* for one.....
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I sent mine off about a week ago now....she should be getting it soon! I have received a few emails from my penpal Thanks! ttyl....oh p.s. Sam, you'll be getting another letter and some more stuff about the beginning of the week (well, I'll send it the beginning of the week)
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THANKS EVER SO MUCH PAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got Pam 22 angel's package today I'm going to post it on the Thank your penpal here thread about what I got () !!!

I have ben Pm'ing and E-mailing my pen pal and I have got a package for her but I'm not getting round to sending it, I need a good kick up the butt to send it to Dali!

I pm'ed her yesterday , saying sory about my slackness and I'll send it to her soon

Thank you!]

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YES I got 2 ecards from my penpal
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OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Sam!!!! I'm so impressed that you actually got it! I was expecting it to be there next week! I'm glad you got and enjoy it! Hope your kitties do too!!!!
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Sherral, Thanks for the emails you have been sending my way! They are good Btw, I love the "Cyber kitty"!!! It is so great! I love it when it purrs and meows, and plays with the pointer! Thanks!
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To the wonderful coordinator of the penpal exchange:

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I want a pen pal

I'll be pen pals with you sicy we can have our own pen pal thingy until september
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Your present was lovely Pam, I have wrote you a letter back I have just got to send it.

I have also got my package for my pen-pal(Dali) read to send, I'll send them some time tomorrow!I'll also find a nice E-card to send my buddies!

Thanks! Sam.
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I have rec'd some great e-mails! I am thrilled with this penpal thing!
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It's so fun! I have got a couple of things for my July package that I have run across while not even searching....hehehe. That's the fun part!
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