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Cats ears turned red

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I took one of my only 2 female cats, Jane, to the vet yesterday for a well visit. (I don't have those very often!)

While there, her ears turned very red and inflamed looking. They were also very warm. The vet took ker temp thinking she had one, and she didn't.

Jane is white and brown. She is very fair. I tend to think she was so scared it reflected in her ears. I know sometimes people who are stressed and are of light complections, tend to get red when upset.

This morning, her ears are of the usual color, light tan. Anyone else have this weird thing with their cat?
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My Ghostie is very fair. His ears are part white/part grey. And when he gets worked up, his ears get red and warm... like when he is playing or scared.

It happened last night and I examined his ears... which he did not like one bit... and didn't see the kind of inflammation you get with an infection.

However, that said, just keep an eye on your baby.
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My Nico ALWAYS gets red ears when we go to the vet. He's so afraid of the vet that he cowers in the corner, doesn't budge, trembles, and gets really red ears. My poor boy
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Isabell's ears also get red and warm at the vet. They always check her temp to be safe but she does it out of fear and stress. Seems to be common in a lighter coat of cat. EG's ears also get warm but his ears are black so they don't change color.
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I'm thinking it's a stress thing as well.

I have 2 cockatiels and when they get nervous at the vets, their little nostrils get all red! Poor little things.
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Thanks for all the info. I think we concur it is stress related. Janes ears have been a nice shade of "tan" since she calmed down!
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