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walking my cat

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I am toying with the idea of buying a harness and leash for Bailey. She really wants to go outdorrs and since I want her to be a house cat, I thought walking her might be a compromise. Has anyone had experience with this? Is it too difficult to get her used to this? (I'm still working on cutting her nails myself and I don't need any more large challenges!)
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We just started doing this with our cats last month, and they took to it pretty well. Not all of them like going outside, but most of them do. Make sure that you use a harness and not a collar; collars are too easy for them to slip out of!
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Both my cats go outside on a harness and leash. I wouldn't call it walking, exactly, I would call it a slow amble around the yard. They didn't like the feel of the harness at first, and the leash trailing after them, but they are both fine with it now.

I got the retractable leashes, because if something scares them, they want to run away a safe distance, and that lets them get far enough away to not panic.

You also need to be sure which plants in your garden are poisonous to cats, there are quite a few. And also be sure to get a good flea remedy, if you don't already.
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I've been walking our cat on a daily basis for almost four years. The trick is to get the cat used to the harness in the house first, by putting it on for a few minutes over a couple of days, increasing the amount of time it is left on each day. I use a dog harness with plastic clips, not only because it is more stable than a cat harness and easier to put on, but also because it is more difficult for the cat to slip out of, seeing as it has an extra band that runs between the front legs. I also have a "Safkat" jacket http://www.safkat.com , which is more appropriate for colder weather than we're having right now. I also use a retractable leash, and always have some reading material with me, because a lot of the "walking" consists of stopping to watch birds, people, etc. from behind a bush. With a little bit of practice, I'm sure your cat will learn to love it.
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I've tried this before and I mostly just get a dead weight on the end of the leash. One of my two cats got somewhat used to it, but it's more you following the cat, than the cat following you.
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I tried this 3 or 4 years ago with my docile neuter Garfield, I went out and brought a pretty collar and I used my doggy's leash but he didn't like it. I wouldn't like the idea of walking my precious persians around the neighbourhood much anyway, it would get there paws dirty , I always take my cats outside and hold them over my shoulders, they luv it but dirty paw marks on our white carpet is not the best look.

I would love to see pictures of people walking their cats, if this is possible. It's a nice idea for people who have the time to teach their pets these things

Thanks, Sam.
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Sam, have a look at my album by clicking on "JC's Pics" directly under his picture. I have several pictures of him out in our backyard on a fixed lead (so that I could take pictures). And if you're wondering about the size of the hook, well, he has broken so many leashes and leads (his record was three in one week) that he's now on one that's supposed to hold 60-lb. dogs!
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Hi Ya Jcat!

He's gorgeous on a leash! Thanks for sharing.

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