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peeing and pooping in fornt of doorays

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so. does this mean she wants out to use the bathroom? she seems to do it every night. she always claws outside my door and wants in .. and i think i might let her in tonight despite the fleas. i love her too much. i think ive got most of em off of her and the carpet. i dunno bout my biggest cat though. she doesnt wanna get a bath but anyway. what do i do? i didnt know you had to clean it with soemthing besides water when she did it the other day and now i have. i used murphy oil soap and mom wants to throw her out. i dont want that to happen. shes about to have those kittens. how do i stop this? she farts alot too. she has gas problems. i dont want to lose her how do i break her of this. she didnt do it until we left for a week and went to the beach. help!!!
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Put a litter box where she has pottied.

Try feeding her a better quality food. Store-brand (cheap) foods tend to cause mushy poop and gas.

Ask your vet whether Frontline would be okay to use since she is pregnant. It will take care of the fleas very quickly.

An enzymatic cleanser will work better to remove poop/pee smells. WalMart sells one called OUT that is inexpensive and works really well.
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okies. i think it will be much simpler if i have to give her another bath to just use dishwashing liquid. im letting her come in my room tonight. maybe thats why she chooses that door. it isnt far from my room.
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Dishwashing liquid will cause her skin to dry out. Advantage will work for fleas on a pregnant cat. She should be on kitten food if she is pregnant.

Good luck
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actually pregnant cats do better with frontline
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too bad now. she peed on moms stool in front of her. needless to say she was put out the door with food and water on the porch. her kittens willl be good and itchy now. poor things.
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If your Mon won't let her indoors, maybe you could set up a box outside and she could have her babies out there???

I am not sure which would be better in this case...Having her babies inside when she is uncomfortable being indoors or having them outside where she is more comfortable?

Maybe someone else could give better advice on this??
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This sounds like she needs to see a vet. Her kittens will die if the fleas are not taken care of. The fleas will drain them of their blood causing them to weaken and die.
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well sh e is back indoors and i think she had her kittens last night. i hope shes alright. my best friends cat killed her first litter of kittens and then died when she was pregnant with her second....
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