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Cats sleep anywhere

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I got these in my e-mail today. They are really cute so I just had to share.
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The last one is so funny! That would probably happen to hubby cos he takes so long in the loo!
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omg I want to cuddle that first one SOOO bad!!
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My favorite is the fourth one. That is SO cute!
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LOL! I have seen them before but they are still funny!

Kellye !! should you have told us that private info. about your hubby

Thanks for sharing!(v.a.c & Kellye LOL)

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Probably not, but its true.
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LOL Kellye
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OMG The commode one is hysterical!!!
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OMG those are priceless! Thanks for sharing those.

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That one looks kinda like Zoey!
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those pics. are great, my favorites are 3 and 4 i think that last one is so fuuny, thanks for sharing
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AARRRGGHH!! I CAN'T SEE THEM!! I'll try again when I get home.
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All I see is little boxes with a red x in it
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I can not see it either!
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These picures are so precious.. I like the second one and fourth one..
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ROFLMAO! I can see them now. Thank you for sharing those were too cute and too funny
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My littlest kitten sleeps just like the one on the first pic, all stretched out! It is so cute
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