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Can cats have twins?
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lol.. I would think they are all twins since they're born at the same time
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lol indeed! i mean identical twins - we have two looking absolutely the same, from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail
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Although I'm certainly not a fertility expert, I would imagine that they could. Most other animals can and do occasionally have identicle twins, and it would be the same process with a cat.....one ovum completely splits leaving the exact same genes in two fetuses (I don't think that's a word!).
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You did say your cat had 7 kittens - than they would actually be Septuplets. Anyway are you asking because 2 of the kittens look alike? If so, that is quite possible with so many of them!
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Originally posted by valanhb
two fetuses (I don't think that's a word!).
Hmmmm.....two feti?
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yes they can, we had two black and whites a few years ago, identical markings on both of them- so cute!
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Oh, there's actually eight of them (did I mention her tummy was HUGE!!!)
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Wow, wow wow - she must have looked like she swallowed a basketball.
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That is a lot of kittens!
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Nah... Just a little cute furry HIPPOPOTAMUS!
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