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Just wondering

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what's for din din tonight for all of you all?
I am cooking brown beans, and then later, I am frying up some potatoes, and cooking corn muffins...I am getting hungry thinking about it house smells sooo good right now!
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We are having home made enchiladas!
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Going out for Chinese with my neighbor.
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Not sure yet, I am here cleaning my cat bathroom in prep for guests for the next 3 weeks I don't even want to think about food right now, yuck!

Last night, I called Steven on his way home from work asking him what he wanted for dinner. I was gonna have to go to the store and buy something to cook. He wouldn't tell me what he felt like eating so I got a little disgusted with him and we said goodbye and hung up. Well, about 5 minutes later he came home with pork ribs, baked beand, potatoe salad and rolls. He was at the grocery store when we were talking on the phone and he wanted to suprise me, and it worked
Now if I could just get him to do that every night-LOL!
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Wow Ginger! what a man!! That sounds delicious!! Is there any leftovers?
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Hmm didnt you start a thread like this last week *poke*

My mom is coming over and bringing pastrami sandwiches and to hang out with Zoey before we go to dance class
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maybe I did, but I love food, and I like to know what everyone eats!!! hahahaha
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take out!! cheese steak of hubby and chicken salad on lettuce for me!
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Originally posted by Coco Maui
Well, about 5 minutes later he came home with pork ribs, baked beand, potatoe salad and rolls.

YUMMY that's what I want din din for tonight!! My dh is not a meat lover.
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Chicken, baked tatos, and spinach.
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We're having taco salads for dinner! YUMMY! They are definitely one of my favorite things to eat!
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LOL! We always have threads like this. It's kinda like a Daily Thread but about food

It's just breakfast here!!!!!! and nothing for me!

Tea in about 12 hours

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Fried chicken,little red pototoes w/butter, baby pea's with dill!
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We ended up ordering Papa John's Pizza tonight.
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Ive been driving from Florida today, went to see my daughter, I gave my dinner, a chicken sandwich to a dog in the parking lot. She looked hungry and I felt sorry for her.
My husband made some thing, I dont know what it was, but my daughter and I passed and said we werent hungry, I will go for a bowl of cereal later when he isnt looking. Ha! I cant stand it when he tries to cook, its awful!
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we are having BLT's tonight! yumm
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Youre all making me hungry! We're just having leftover spaghetti. I had my 4 wisdom teeth pulled on Thursday so Im still eating soft foods. I could definitely go for some fried chicken though!
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I'm hoping for bratwurst, but we'll have to see what hubby comes up with. We've got a pretty good deal...I work all day, so he cooks. Can't complain, he's usually a pretty good cook.
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I know it's 100 degrees outside, but I've got a HUGE hankering for some Chili! I know...I'm such a weirdo!
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<--- poor college student. So veggie dogs and a baked potato for me.
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we ahd Taco's tonight, pretty good!
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Big salad with my homegrown tomatoes, cukes and bellpeppers and batterd and fried eggplant, also my homegrown. And, a steak (from the market). Quite satifying to harvest and eat my own veggies. That's not new to you who live where there are farms, but to a So. Californian its hard to find a patch of dirt to plant anything! And, I raise all my veggies in BIG 15 gal plastic pots.
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I'm just about to start dinner - black beans and sausage over rice! Yum!

RHbarb, I grow my veggies in big pots on my front porch too! I have lots of yardspace but I was worried the soil wouldn't be good enough for the veggies so I went with a pot garden!
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I'm having Grilled Cat in catnip sauce...


I have no idea what i'm having... Maybe a subway?
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I just finished my breakfast!!! Had a sandwich.... too sleepy now to think abt dinner....
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