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Air Conditioner is in the Fritz

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We've been noticing a lot of water coming out of our outside air conditioner drain lately and finally decided to call someone. I hope it's not expensive, as there are many problems it could be, ranging from a clogged primary drain (cheap) or problems with the unit (expensive). We're still trying to catch up on the mortgage and car payments from Doug's unemployment, so cheap would be best. At least the thing is still cooling the house, since it's been hot here already. Repair man's on the way...

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Okay, so I know he was there....he's taking a kitty. SO how much was it and what was it?
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It turns out the auxiliary drain was clogged with lint and, what else, cat hair. There's a place in the furnace unit (where the cooling coils are) that needs a filter. Well, we've lived in this house for 5 years and never knew that there should be a filter there. So the unit's been sucking up lint and cat hair from the downstairs directly into the coils and drain. Yuck. They cleaned it all out and it cost a litte more than $100. Not too bad, but could have been better - don't think we'll be catching up on the mortgage this month after all. Oh well.

Thanks for asking!

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dawn....we just had central air put in our house a year ago...and already something was wrong with it...and it was barely cooling the house. I was mad! we paid alot of money for it, which we saved up for!! But today the guy came to fix it, and he said something that was supposed to be welded together had come apart, and all the freeon (sp?) had leaked out....so he welded it back together and filled it with freeon and now it is working great!!!

And the best part is...it was still under warrenty...so no cost!!!!!
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I bet that was a relief! I can't imagine living without air conditioning. You live in Iowa, don't you? I know that when I used to live in Minnesota, air conditioning was not something everyone had. Thankfully, we did. But our neighbors across the street didn't. Here in Texas, it's pretty much standard on any house you buy. The heat in those northern states can be pretty awful and HUMID!! I'm glad you got it fixed!

(and for free, doesn't that just make your day)

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It does, it does make my day!!!
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I live in the basement of a house so it gets pretty cool without air conidtioner. But the air conditioner is a swamp cooler that is stuck ontop of all the houses. I do not like those kinds. They only cool the upstairs of the house or a certain area of the house.
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Nena - Don't those swamp coolers also make the air really humid? I don't know what I hate more, humidity or heat. So of course I live in Texas where we have both!

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Well here in Utah it gets hot and dry. We don't get humiditiy. Mostly is hod dry air. Utah is half mountain but mostly desert. I would like one that mosturize the air. But in mexico I do feel humidity. I think I prefer it to dry as the dry weather gets me very uncomfortable.
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By the way, wouldn't it be nice if we can be like ducks and geese? Move up north when its hot and move south when it is cold? All of us who suffer from heat go either to Canada, Australia, or even down to Argentina and stay there till fall. Then, when it is cold, go down to the warmer states, Hawaii(mmmm), or to some warm country. Wouldn't it be nice?
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I'm glad you got your air conditioner fixed! And about swamp coolers: If you're near them, they work pretty well. Of course, I guess it depends upon the swamp cooler. During the mid-1960s I lived in Texas (mostly at San Angelo in west Texas) whilst serving in the U.S. Air Force. We lived in barracks which were constructed during the Second World War; and they had swamp coolers.

Now, as you Texans know, things can get really hot in the summer. We would leave footprints in the asphalt when crossing the street! Swamp coolers may not be as "cooling" as air conditioners with all their pipes, valves, Freon, filters and such like — but they sure made things a darned sight better for us in those uninsulated barracks!

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I like the cool feel of the air conditioner. But sometimes it gets on too low. yesterday, i sat in the school lab and found myself freezing cold because in some parts of the school it gets hot and other parts, like the computer lab, gets real cold. I think that's why I am getting sick. Because I am here in a cold school and then go out in the hot sun. Isn't there some air conditioner that can be in the comfort zone?
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