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I got the kitty kaviar today!

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Some of you know that I won a prize from Plain Brown Tabby and the prize was kitty kaviar - I receieved the prize today and whoa, it smells like fish - that had the cats VERY interested! Kahu is not normally interested in cat treats but he was coming back for more! I guess they are the perfect treat for my furbabies! Two thumbs up from a very satisfied cat owner! I highly recommend it for you all!

Thanks for the prize Plain Brown Tabby and Thanks Hissy!
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Hey! Glad you liked it! Anyone wants to try some for their cats, Plain Brown Tabby is on our Shop page- so are a lot of other advertisers, and more importantly sponsers of this catsite, who have donated prizes for games and done other wonderful things. Amy of is another wonderful sponsor here- her banner is on our homepage. The others can be found here:

Shop Pages

Kellye, I am glad you won! Congrats!
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I saw these treats in my Fosters & Smith catalog last nite! Only $5 I think I will give them a try.. Zoey is always interested in my fish food so I think she might like these LOL
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Oh they are worth a try - I was surprised just before when Kahu snatched the treat out of my hand - which I have NEVER seen him do!
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I buy these for Max too. He really loves them.
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Oh, Thank you for the tips.. I definitely will take a look at it and want my both furry boys like it..
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I bought my Kitty kaviar at Fosters and 3 cats love the stuff.
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Sounds interesting...hmm.I know my Fluffy would probably like it, but as finicky as Rocky is, he wouldn't...
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I tried to click the link to the kitty kaviar treats from the shop page, and I get an error

Fatal Error

Miva Merchant has encountered a fatal error and is unable to continue. The following information may assist you in determining the cause of the error:

Error Code: MER-DTB-00045
Description: Store 'PBTTA' not found
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Myste - try this:

Plain Brown Tabby
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You are welcome! Alix and I are very glad the KK (as we call Kitty Kaviar) is a hit!

Patricia and Alix P. Curl
the Plain Brown Tabby folks
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Sorry about the error message, it will be fixed soon (a url wrapped and not all of it was used).

Here is the correct link:

Kitty Kaviar

Pat and Alix P. Curl
Plain Brown Tabby folks
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Thanks, that worked I wonder if just plain dried Bonito flakes I get at the asian market would be OK? I'm kind of leery of spending a lot of money on new treats, they're so picky. Only one they like really so far is Whisker Licken's Salmon and tuna flavor
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Kitty Kaviar is bonito, and the only difference I can see would be the size of the shavings...they are fairily large with KK and the can is stuffed with a very good amount (and of course, some smaller pieces). The bonito I've seen in Asian markets tends to be more tiny bits...flavor wise, wouldn't make a bit of difference.

I can't due to forum rules, talk details but I can say that there is a *wide* variation of pricing for KK on the 'net (i.e. someone posted that Fosters and Smith charge $5/can, which is one of the higher prices on the net for a single can), and there is a good variation on what shipping charges you will run into, and what minimum amts. are required before free shipping (if that is an option) kicks in. your research, and yes, I am biased <G>. My other suggestion would be to get a sample of KK to try with your kitty.

Pat and Alix P. Curl
the Plain Brown Tabby folks
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Hey guys, there is now a place for you to do all the advertising you wish. The Market Place is now open for business. It should have some merchants in it quite soon, so just keep that in mind. One forum where advertising is allowed. The ads are paid ads, but the charge is minimal.
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YAY Congrats Kellye for winning the KK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lOvE sAm
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Now I know Kahu is hooked - last night I noticed he was acting funny so I got up and went into the kitchen - he had knocked the cans down onto the floor! He was trying to open them to eat them!
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Silly cats!!
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