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calling all those who use kittie oats!

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Hi, I just bought my kittie grass for Maddie&Tybalt. For those of you that have used it, do you suggest putting it somewhere where they can eat off of it any time they want, or to just give it to them as a snack once a day and then putting it up? It says to just water it once, so when they eat all the grass down, will it grow again automatically or do I have to water it again or buy a new one? The directions don't answer these questions for me, so I was just wondering what you all do with your kittie grass

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I put mine up on a window ledge, so they have to make an effort to get to it. I keep watering it, and it keeps growing faster than the cat can eat it. Eventually it gets too overgrown, and I stop watering that one, and plant a new crop.

When it first sprouts, Sam pulls the grass out by the roots, when it gets longer, he just eats the tops off.
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I do the same as Sammie5 except mine are in front of the sliding glass doors of my dining room. Every week or 2 I grow a new crop.

Make sure you grow it in a stone or taracotta pot not plastic. Plastic pots are not heavy enough and they wind up all over the place when kitty tugs and pull on them.
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I used to grow a new pot of oat grass for JC every three or four weeks, because it never seemed to last longer than that, even when I used potting soil. The pot was on a windowsill above the radiator, which of course didn't help. Then my husband saw cyprus grass for cats at a gardening center, and bought a pot. We've had it on our coffee table (the living room is bright) for several months now, and JC really seems to like the taste. I haven't been able to find any seeds to grow my own, though.
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Are you anywhere near what we call a feed store? That is where I buy mine. They are usually located more in farm/horse county. It's where one can buy horse fead, etc. They should sell wheat or oat grass seeds. That is what is in the packages they sell for growing "pet grass". Hope this helps.
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Thanks for your input! The grass is still growing. I'm waiting impatiently for it to get long. I think i'm just going to put it on top of a window sill and see how they do with it. Thanks for the tip on the kind of pot to use. It came in a plastic bin and we moved it to a ceramic pot. I'm excited to see thier reactions to it. They've never been exposed to grass before, except Tybalt's taste of the outdoor world when he was a kitten, thanks to the BF!

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I don't have any trouble getting the oat or wheat grass - it's seeds for the "cyprus" grass I can't get. The blades are very narrow and curly. The gardening centers say you can't get seeds (so how do they grow it?).
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oooooooooops miss understood your question. Hmmm good question. Let's search the internet.
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Can't find it with the under the name of Cyprus grass ... what's it called in German? "Zyperngras"
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Found it.............

Vermehrt wird Zyperngras entweder durch eine Teilung des Ballens, oder einfach einen der Stiele mit den Blattrosetten umgedreht (also mit den Blättern nach unten) ins Wasser stellen und warten, bis sich Wurzeln bilden, danach einpflanzen.

that should do it!!!!
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