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Feral #2 caught

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It's me again. Scrappy, feral cat was fixed last Tuesday and she is doing well. I was talking to the Humane Society and they let me borrow a live trap to catch the other feral cats. So Saturday I set the live trap, and since I had not feed Blackie for 2 days he was trapped in just about 3 hours
This morning I dropped him off to be fixed and will pick him up at 4:30. When I took him to the Humane Society this morning there were other people there dropping off their pets and when they saw this cat in the live trap they could not believe that the vet would fix a feral cat. They all wanted to borrow the live trap to catch ferals around their house. So to let everyone know Call your Humane Society and they will let you borrow a Live Trap to bring cats in to be fixed
One more feral to catch
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You go girl! Parking lot education- I love it!
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Woo Hoo!

That is wonderful!!! With more people like you out there, just think of all the ferals we can help!

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My next question is, Can I go to the Coop and purchase De-Worming medicine to give to these cats?
I am new to this and too far into it to turn back now, and have no plans to turn my back on these kitties. They look to me every day if it's only a pat on the head. These were cats that would not let me touch them and run away and now they are living in my garage. No more mouse problems for me
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Hissy or Lotsocats might have a better answer for this. Sorry I'm not going to be of more help. BUT... you can't use store-bought deworming medication because it isn't safe and it doesn't kill the worms, it only causes the cat to expel live worms.

We use Drontal (vet prescription) to deworm our cats, but it's a pill. That means we can only deworm cats we can handle. We've adopted out all of the cats that were social enough to do so... the rest are not handleable. The Vet believes they range from 3 - 5 years old. Attila may be older. But we can't handle these cats - and we use a dry food free-feeder. There's no way (that I know of) to put out bowls of wet food with powder in them and make sure that each cat eats one bowl... except for sitting out there 24 hours a day for a few days. And our presence would probably keep the cats away.

Anybody hav method that works?

The only real problem with this is if they do have worms, and you de-worm them, they'll catch mice or whatever, and just get them again a few days later (most likely). Either way - my thinking here is that either these guys have survived this long despite the worms, or they have survived this long because they have the ability to digest or somehow push through the worms.

The ferals we brought in as kittens had round worm. This can be a very difficult worm to get rid of, because cysts of eggs can get into their lungs. It took months of repeated treatment to finally get rid of the worms. I can't imagine how we would do this with ferals who DO NOT like our presence, let alone can't be handled.
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I forgot to say .....


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From all I can tell, worms are just a part of a feral's life. I always ask for them to be de-wormed when they are getting their vaccinations and being neutered, but once they are back home they are on their own. However, for those who will let me catch them, if I think they are looking wormy I will take them in to the vet for a check and then meds.
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