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Cattery Flooring

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What would you consider to be the best flooring for a cattery playground. We currently are building ours and at present we have garden mulch/tanbark on the ground. I realise that this will encourage soiling in the mulch. Would concrete, stones, or something else be best? Id like to hear your opinions, before we finish. Thanks.
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We use concrete and stones in ours.

It is much easier to clean.
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We aren't there yet, but the plan is to put in a small grass box (sand box) size, and then use concrete. We are going to get the concrete color to make it bright and fun
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When Hubby gets back to work we are planning a play yard. I was going to go with sod. I think it will be cooler and with persians they are not known for their gracefulness. LOL
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We are in the process of building ours as well. We are putting in concrete with a drain in the middle so we can just spray the floor with a hose when it needs a GOOD cleaning. We are also having our house built along with it, so it makes putting the drain in easier.

Kai-U Persians & Himalayans
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Concrete for the flooring with Lino over the top in the cat cages so it's easy to clean and Carpet in the walking passages

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