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Bengal or chausie ...hmm

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I was looking around for a chausie and found some..I am purchasing an f2 chausie male (i'll be picking him up in a few days)..but is it really an f2 chausie? His father is a Supreme Grand Champion Bengal and his mother is a chausie/bengal/mau mix from my understanding. It seems this cat would be more bengal than chausie..the whole thing is confusing me, it just doesn't seem like it would be an f2 chausie. Can anyone shed some light on this?
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I don't really understand the chausie breed, it seems like a free for all any wild cat will do mix. I haven't exactly done a lot of reasearch on it, but the other day I did a search on "a chausie is..." because I was curious.
I found this off a breeder's website:

Depending on the breeder and cats used in breeding, chausies can get quite large. At Mandala Exotic Cats we have NEVER introduced any of the smaller breeds in our lines like the bengal, abyssinian or ocicat as these breeds have a tendency to throw smaller type cubs and will greatly reduce the size of the cats even in one generation. We have listened to the public and have always bred for SIZE and TEMPERMENT!!! So you may ask "What is the difference between a Chausie and a Jungle Cat Hybrid?"
A Jungle Cat Hybrid is the result of mating any domestic cat with a Jungle Cat(felis chaus). Different types of domestics are used depending on the breeder's preferences, priorities and desired outcome. As most people want "large" cats we here at Mandala choose to use large well tempered queens. Our desired outcome is to eventually produce a large (20-35 lb.) cougar or leopard appearing type of cat.
A Chausie is a Jungle Cat Hybrid also but is bred specifically to create a breed resembling the Jungle Cat(felis chaus) hence the name Chausie. Only certain types of domestics are allowed in the chausie breed. The Abyssinian being one for example. There is also no bob tailed breeds allowed in the Chausie breeding program.
When talking to breeders you will hear them mention hybrids as F1's, F2's, and so on. The "F"stands for "Filial" generation and the "1" means the generation the cat is from his or her wild ancestors. In other words if one were to mate a jungle cat with a domestic the offspring would be called F1's and would have 50% wild blood and 50% domestic. Now if you mated an F1 with a domestic the offspring would subsequently be called F2's and contain 25% wild blood and 75% domestic. Therefore F3's will usually have 12 1/2% wild blood and 87 1/2 % domestic. All F1 males are sterile and incapable of reproducing offspring. This is true of most F2 males also. Some F3 males are able to reproduce but are still not reliable. F1 Jungle Cat Hybrids and chausies are not to be confused with F1 Bengal hybrids. Most F1 bengals are hard if not impossible to litter train and most are extremely skittish and aloof. A properly reared chausie is quite the opposite.
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I remember reading somewhere with begals that you should never get below and f3. I don't know if it is the same case with other breeds. Wild animals are wild animals and do not make the best pets from my understanding.
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The Chausie results from the cross breeding of wild Jungle Cats with a domestic cat. This offspring is considered an "F1", or first generation, Chausie. Breeding this to either an acceptable outcross or a fertile male Chausie will give you "F2", or second generation Chausies. Breeding again to Chausie or outcross will give you "F3" - third generation kittens.

It sounds like the cat your getting isn't an F2 Chausie. With the mother being chausie/bengal/mau mix, she only 1/4 Chausie. I would find a different breeder. Someone is going to charge you BIG bucks for a cat that isn't worth all that money.

Try this cattery, they sound really great!

Wildkatz Cattery
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Originally posted by Princess Purr
I remember reading somewhere with begals that you should never get below and f3. I don't know if it is the same case with other breeds. Wild animals are wild animals and do not make the best pets from my understanding.
It really depends on the individual cat -- Yes, they have a percentage of the ALC.. The F3 I believe has around 20% wild blood in them. I have been told by breeders that they are very devoted to their human. Most breeders also hand-raise them and bottle feed them. And, it is also not quite true about their litter habits, either. The foundations are also more exotic looking. You just have to have patience with the filial bengals as compared to the sbt bengal (bengal to bengal generation breeding)
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Did you get to see the pedigree on your new chausie?? It could be possible that the mom/dad has egyption mau in their bloodline --
It's the same thing kind of with bengals -- egyptian maus are sometimes in their heritage. I am probably guessing yours is a f2 chausie.
Did you end up getting one? How do you like her?
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