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Hey!! Hey!! Hey!!

Did anyone notice? I have reached 3,000 posts wipp dee do !!!!!!! *does happy dance* I'm so close to 5000 ..LOL and only about 10 posts of spam in the last 1,000

Thanks to everyone for making it all possible

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YAY! Congrats Sam! You're such a jabberjaw!
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WOW I am in awe! Congrats!!!!!
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wow, congrads. to you, thats alot of posting, but i see how it could be accomplished
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Thank you everyone! Now to 4,000 !!!!!!!!
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Whee! Congrats! I'll never catch up with you now!
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LOL I agree Sue
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Gee Sam I hope you do this well in school! LOL
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LOL Hmmmmmmmm I spend more time on here than on my homework that's why my grades are slipping I'm ok though
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Wow...that is alot of posting in such a short time.
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Wow Sam, thats a lot of posts in such a short time!

Way to go!
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Wow!! that's great!!
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WOW!!! Holy Jeepers!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Woohoo! Congratulations!
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Thank you!!!!!!!
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COngratulations! That's a lot of talking, are you sure you're not spamming on the sly?
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I will catch up to you
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LOL Bren I think probably 900 of my posts are spam! The rest are good posts though

LOL Sicy! You will never

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Congrats! That is great - pretty soon you will be passing me by!
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Thank you Ady
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