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Talk about the Blonde Moment....

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Here I was all happy and baking a for my Dad's tomorrow. It will be a total surprise for him since I normally don't do the cake thing. Anywho I go in the kitchen to check on the cake and it is.........hmmmmmmmmm.......what's up with the cake I haven't even turned on the oven... what an idiot...so talk about the total blonde moment So now that the cake is done I wonder if I should go and frost it...I may forget to do that too
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Yeah, it definately works better if you turn the oven on!

You're not alone. I've done similar things many times!
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LOL Don't worry I'm blonde as well

This post cracked me up, You Go Girl! Well all I can say is at least it wasn't burnt

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Bill admitted to a "blonde moment" a couple of weeks ago - he wrote a check for the truck payment, put it in an envelope, attached a return address label, stamped it and put it in the mailbox. Two days later, it was returned - he forgot to address it!

Since most of his hair is gray, I told him that it was, in fact, a "senior moment".
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My grandpa used to do stuff like that. Us kids always liked to tease him about trying to mow with the electric mower without plugging it in
I of course have "senior moments" like that now. I couldn't get my lawn tractor to start the other day after it quit on me. I finally called a neighbor and when he got on he got it started just fine. I had forgotten to disengage the blades. This is the second time I have called him for this same thing.
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LMAO thanks for the laughs Cindy and Cathi!
I have blonde moments all too often and I swear I am NOT a blonde! I am brunette! Sometimes I put things in the refrigerator that dont even belong there - for example, I finished my cup of coffee and put the empty mug in the fridge.
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LOL Cindy!

Once it was quite late and I flet like some Ice-Cream, you know when you just get that craving and I didn't put it back in the Freezer but in the Pantry Cupboard Boy was I the butt of jokes when I got up the next morning!!!!!

Sincerely, "Blondie"
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