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Oh My Golly Gosh Wow Wow

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My 2 Dogs just got run over

We have a well fenced house!!! They must of jumped over the neighbours fence which is very tall and ran up to the main road and got bowled THANK GOD SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO MUCH They are ok, They are all scratched but apart from that no damage done

I'll be right back. Gotta ring mum & Vets

I'm in such total shock

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Oh no Sam! I hope they are really okay- let us know when you can
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Oh no, Sam!!!! let us know whats going on! Im hoping they are okay
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OMG, so glad they seem to be just scratched. Are they ok?
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Holy #$@! I hope they're ok!!
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Oh no Sam!
Let us know how the dogs are!


It just hasnt been your week has it?
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Oh no!!! Sending be-ok-pups vibes!!!

((((((((((((Sam and pups))))))))))))
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Oh that is awful!!!! I sure hope the dogs will be fine and Mom too. You might need a nerve pill after this, I know I would
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Hey Guys

Wow! Everything is going wrong for me lately. I just told MA this because I didn't want ya'll to worry but last week I cut my hand open and I have never ben in so much pain, it's just starting to heal good. I've got the flu, cat went missing.

Oh man you guys must think I'm one of those physic vampire people trying to get attention I'm not.

I rang my vet Julia straight away and she said just clean the wounds up and they will be fine, but if they show any signs of broken bones or anything to bring them STRAIGHT DOWN!, We are going to the vets this afternoon anyway, to get some kittens vaccinated.

I worked out the problem, our rubbish collector that comes into our yard to collect our rubbish left the side door open and they got out, so I'm feeling better about that.

Mum was really worried but then laughed with relief as I said they were ok THANK GOD.

They are exhausted sitting down on the rug... I can't stop hugging them and telling them how much I love them .
Luckily the car wasn't that big and the lady was going slow

I can only Thank God for keeping my babeys alive.
I'll let you know if anything else happens

THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH for all the support Truly Amazing!
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I lost my 1st cat Lolly to the roads. I couldn't let it take Jaz & Soul as well....
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Sam, you are the furthest thing from a Psychic Vampire that I know. Sometimes, you are just like a ray of sunshine on these boards, you're always so upbeat and always have kind words for everyone!

Save your energy for fretting over the pets, we love ya!!!
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Oh Sam, please don't think you are a psychic vampire - you are one of the sweetest people ever to come across this board!

Sometimes we all have our bad moments, and things do get better. Believe me, I know, I've been there!

Mega hugs!

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Also, I'm so sorry about my pathetic name for this thread. I was just so up tight, I had to let ya'll know.

Your message meant alot to me Sue, Thank you so much. My pets mean the world to me and it wouldn't be the same posting on another site about their near death experiences, as I know my heart belongs at this site!

Tonnes of Love to everyone !!
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I am so glad the pups seem to be ok. Whew!!!

Give them a big kiss from me!
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Thanks also Kellye! I'm glad I have friends that care about me this much, I just can't relate like this to my school friends, one of my best school friends laughed when I said my kitty, Yogi was missing

I'm praying everything's ok!

Hugs & Kiss's

Love Sam.
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Will do Sue
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I know how you feel, my friends here dont feel the same way as my cats as they do about theirs. But I have gotten to know my neighbour well and she seems to care about hers a lot also so it helps.
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Good News Sam- watch for excessive licking of their bellies, going off their feed and watch their eyes, if they start to get glazy beat it to the vet quickly! sounds like more than your cats have 9 lives at your place!
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Great Kellye It's good to have nice neighbours.

M.A - Will do. Jazz seems to want to play right now but Soul would rather lie down, I have gone all over their body with my hands and no flinching, they seem to be ok on the ooutside. It's internal injurys I have got to watch out for so I'll be watching them closly for the next few hours. Thank's very much Mary-Anne. I appreciate your help tonnes.

Thanks & Love
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The vet said a little bit of food might calm them down , so I'm off to try that
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Just wanted to say "hi" and let you know that I care! You've had a rough couple of weeks, girl! I'm so glad that your babies are ok. Take care of yourself, ~Angela
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And Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Boy did they enjoy that .

Thanks Again.
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That was so sweet Angela

Thank You, God will repay you for your kindness

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Glad they're ok! *hugs*

I would be pretty angry with those garbage men! Maybe you should put a sign on the gate or something saying KEEP CLOSED - DOGS!
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Oh Sam, I was so worried when I read your first post! I'm so happy your doggies are going to be okay though. I can't imagine how upset and worried you were about them. Keep us updated.
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Thank You Jenn!
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I am just now seeing this. Sam I'm glad that your babies are okay. I would also be livid with the garbage men. !!! Thank GOODNESS everything is ok.

Have you posted pictures of them before? I'd like to see!~
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Verrry long url links dont like to post as IMG's for some reason

Here's the pic:

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Ok your post disappeared LOL
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Thank you Sicy! Msn Groups obvoiusely don't like hosting pictures

I'm going to try and link through my song image station account.

I had deleted my other post!

That picture was Jazz my Doberman/ German Shepard Cross isn't she gorgeous!

Thank you again!

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