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2 1/2 hours

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Keep your finger's and toes crossed In 21/2 hours the bidding is up that I am winning so far!(A digatal camera)
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Sending win the auction vibes your way!
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Fingers crossed for you Sherral, and Paws ( Infact my Cat yogis name is All Paws Crossed ) BUT NOT Toes , toes bring bad luck


Love Sam.
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Okay, my fingers are crossed for you too!!!
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Crossing fingers and sending win-the-auction vibes!!
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Fingers,toes and eyes are crossed for you to WIN!!!!
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oooo yay digital camera!!!
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Just an hour to go! C'mon Sherral - GET THAT CAMERA!
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I'm bidding on a lovely pair of Jeans at the moment and a beautiful collapsable dog cage for my cats , Only 4 minutes for the jeans and an hour for the cage.

I'll let you know how it goes.

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How much longer now????
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Guess what I was bidding on jeans at www.trademe.co.nz and no body had bid on them for 2 hours apart from me and I thought I had them and then in the last 20 seconds someone bid 5 more cents than me GRRRRRRRRRRRRR , I'm only bidding on a cage now

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I lost.
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aww, man! I'm sorry!!
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Join the club eh!

I'm so sorry Sherral!
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Im sorry Sherral!

I am sure there are more cameras online and there is a better one waiting for you.
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omg you lost?? What jerks
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Sorry you lost. But maybe that means you're going to get a better one now for even cheaper!
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