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We Got Marshmallow!!!

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I'm so excited!!! Jennifer was able to trap Marshmallow just a few minutes ago. She's taking her to the vet for 9:15p... my boyfriend is meeting them there. Meanwhile, I'm stuck at work until 10p (or until I find someone to cover) Aghhhh.... I'm so excited!!!
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Yippee!!! Congrats!!!!
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YAY!!!!! How exciting!!
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Hi Relation to Jenn

Yippy! I'm doing the Happy dance for you!!! Sam
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I dont think I know this story but yay!
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I'm posting for Jillian because well 1 - I have the cat pictures and 2 - she's left without internet until tomorrow.

For anyone that doesn't know, Marshmallow is a stray cat that's been hanging around my house for years. I haven't been able to take him in because of my very territorial Spike. So Jillian has wanted to take him, but couldn't until she moved into an apartment that would let her. She moved in yesterday.

So today, I stalked Marshmallow. After about six and a half hours, he came into my yard. He came right up onto my backporch, where I blocked him in. Then I was able to carry him into my bathroom and close him inside while I called the vet. What was nice was that I was able to take him in immediately. (Did I mention he was easier to get into his carrier than Spike? )

So anyway, Jillian met me at the vet. This is the vet rundown. Marshmallow is at least 5 years old, probably more like 6 since he was fullgrown when I first saw him. He is already neutered, weighs 9.6 pounds, and tested negative for Felv and Fiv. He does have fleas but he's not infested, and he has a bad case of earmites. He also has a gash on the back of his ear, either from a catfight or from scratching so hard from the earmites.

Along with the Felv and Fiv testing, he got wormed, got his booster and a 1 year rabies shot. He also got a treatment of Capstar which is supposed to start killing fleas in 30 minutes and is supposed to kill them pretty much immediately. He also got a dose of Frontline. For his earmites, he has drops to have dripped in them, twice a day every day for a week, and then once a week for four weeks. (If I'm remembering this all properly.)

Anyway, since Jillian and her bf Josh brought him home, he's a complete darling! He let them pet his belly already, and has been rubbing up against everything. And he's already used his litterbox!

Here's the good part - pictures.

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Hey! Good to see the Mellow Man got a home!! Jillian is going to be a great Mommy to you Marshy . And they are some beautiful pics . Can't wait to see more .
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OMG hes beautiful!

Bless you for doing this for him! He seems to be so grateful!
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He does look like a marshmallow! What a cutie. Seems like he will be a wonderful addition to your family, Jillian!
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It sounds like Marshmallow is so happy he found a good home. I wonder if he was someone's pet at one time, because he sounds like a very mellow fellow. I'm glad you cornered him.
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He's so beautiful... Glad he found a nice family who gives him a nice warm home..

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What an evening! Marshy was so sweet all last night. I didn't sleep much... got up every hour or so to check on him. Most of the time he was sitting on top of our loveseat, next to the open window. One time, however, he was scratching the couch! I told him 'no' and he hasn't done it since.

This morning, when he used the litter box, Josh and I came to the conclusion that we would have to have his backside trimmed, if you know what I mean. While I went to work, Josh took Marshy to Petsmart and had him groomed and had his nails clipped. Apparently, Marshy just kinda stood there and took the clipping part of it... what a good kitty!!! Getting the drops in his ears is getting progressively easier... thank goodness! Marshy has spent most of the day sleeping under our bed... I think that the shots, along with the excitement (for me at least) of the day yesterday, wore him out. I'm so excited... he has not once tried to get out!!!

Okie... I'll stop here... for now (= I'm so excited (and tired) to finally have him. I can't wait to get out of work!!!
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Oh That's great!

He's abosolutely beautiful

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Beautiful Kitty! No wonder Jillian wanted him! Good catch girls!
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Thanks, everyone!!! Now, only 2.5 hours left until I can go home and spend time with my little sweetie!!!
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