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PLease, my boyfriend is going to the army!!

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Oh dear my boyfriend received a notice today that they are taking him to the army on June 27!!!!!! It's going to be a six months service and I just can't bear the thought of him being away from me for six months!!! We've never been separated for more than a month and I am really depressed about this.
He'll be gone until New year leaving me and Eric alone, that sucks....
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I'm so sorry to hear your boyfriend has to leave. It would be hard living where the Army can just call you up and you have to go. I know I had a hard time when my husband was in the Army, and he volunteered for that (the fool!). Is the Army over there safe?

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Yes, it does suck. But I have some encouraging words. Love will get anyone through all of that. I am still married to a Navy man. We have been doing this for 10 years now. It does get easier each time they go away. The first few months are tough, but then you start to relax a little. Just hang in there and look forward to the times you can be together
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I am sorry to read your news. It is hard to be separated like that. How long have you been together?
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A piece of good news to start with - he's going in December thanks God!!!
Here in Bulgaria there is an obligatory military service, which is six months for university graduates and nine months for those that did not attend university. It's definitely an extremely unpleasant thing especially now that he has started work and everything just fell into place and life had taken a certain track. It would be difficult but it has to happen and there's no way of avoiding it.
We've been together for over three years now and the passion has grown into deep affection - well, yes, sometimes he makes me mad but I can be a nuisance too, so we just do our best to overcome such moments and I guess we are getting better at it.
Thank you all for your kindness but it seems I'll need it again in September
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Oh Billie...My thoughts are with you! If you need to talk about it...send me a PM!!!
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