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OMG, OMG, OMG!!! I am sooo happy I could

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just burst!! I have wanted a purebred ruddy abyssinian ever since I was a teenager. My dream came true today. I found a 7 yr-old female purebred abyssinian listed on petfinders just an hour from my house. Better yet, this cat was raised in a LOVING home by an elderly woman and was never abused. She could no longer care for her cat and reluctantly handed her over to a purebred cat rescue. I was second in line. A woman went to look at her and decided to NOT take her because she (the aby) didn't "bond" with this woman. (What cat bonds to a complete stranger in stressful circumstances anyway?) Her loss, my gain! She drove up from Chicago to Kenosha WI to look at her and decided to pass. I got the phone call and went to look at her. She is GORGEOUS, VERY SWEET, and VERY FAT (she will be put on a diet) She has been nothing but very sweet and friendly since I brought her home. I am glad most people don't want cats older than 5. They pass up some real gems because of their misconceptions of "older" kitties. Holly is very healthy except for her weight. Sorry for the ramble, I am just so excited I can't believe it!!
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Wow! You and Mom of 10 Cats! She just found her Aby on Petfinder too!

Congrats! I'm so glad she found you .

You sound like you're cat crazy, and I'm sure you'll give her lots of love and a good home. I'm so glad things are going so well!!

Do you have any other cats?
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Wow! Catlover . This is something to be very happy about! What are you going to call her? Any pictures?

I'm very happy for you!

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that I have a 9 yr-old aby mix named Blondie, and a 3 yr-old possible aby mix named Lily. Holly is the name of the new rescued abyssinian. I will keep her name as she has had it for 7 yrs already. She is sooo sweet!! Did kittymom get her aby also? I knew she found one on petfinders recently just like I did.
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Congratulations on your new family member! And extra kudos to you for taking in an older cat-you're right, many people lose out on having wonderful companions when ignore older cats. So, how soon can we expect pictures?
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Congratulations on your new addition! It's very exciting!
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anyone wants to see her she is still on website or got to petfinders and click on the name of the shelter in the wisconsin listings. Her name is HOLLY.
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Congratz on your new addition!!!!
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Hmmmm the Link to the site you posted didn't work.

I have a Persian called Holly and I had a Persian called Blondie but I changed her name to Muffin Cool Name!

Go to the place where her picture is , right click on the picture go into properties and then where it says Adress(URL) copy that and then paste that here and put in front of it [ img ] and then [ /img ], (without the spaces )Works for me , Good Luck!

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Yup. Sue did find her Aby! Her thread about it is here: Finally Found my Aby!. She's got gorgeous pics!!! I'm sure your baby is equally cute... maybe just a bit more rolly-polly.

Have you introduced the cats yet? How're they getting along?
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LOL Catlover! I just got my Aby yesterday...and two of my cats are Blondie and Lily!!! Small world, isn't it?
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I'm really happy you found her. My daughters boyfriend has an abby and he is an awsome cat! His name is Moses and he is the sweetest thing! Loves to talk! Oh and my daughters name is Holly!! Congratulations!
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Congrats on your new kitty!!!! That link doesn't work for me that you put up by the way!
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world or great minds think alike. The cat rescue already took her picture off the website, so I cannot send pics. Boo-Hoo! anyway she looks very similiar to your boy only not quite as dark on her head and she is a ROTOUND little girl. I can hardly wait to get her slimmed down. She was very lucky to never have been abused. I feel bad for the life yours had before, but now he is in heaven I am sure! Congrats on your new aby!! I am calling it quits at 3 cats. My parents will disown me if I bring one more home. LOL!!
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Oh It's a shame , they took her picture off

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I can't wait to see pics of your gal!!! I am sure she is gorgeous. Funny how we both found our Abys at the same time!

I found out that I beat the Nat'l Aby Rescue to Khepera by an hour! They called about him and were told, no he's being adopted, she's on her way to get him! Talk about just in the nick!
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That is wonderful! Congrats!
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That is great! And it's good that someone is willing to take in an older cat. When I do get another one, it will probably be an older kitty, just because they have a harder time finding a home.
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Congratulations on your new addition! Holly sounds like a sweetie.
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wow that is great news, im so happy for you and holly, for im sure she found a great home, many happy years together
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Congratulations! I know you are so happy! I can't wait to see pix!
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Abby Abby here, Abby Abby there, everywhere an Abby! LOL! Congratulations on your newset addition also! I'm so happy with my Rocket that I could burst! He's my little hair kneader! LOL! I hope your Abby makes you equally happy! I'm happy for you!
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What a great addition to your family! Congrats!
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