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It is just toooo hot!!!!!!

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I have the AC on 68 and I'm still hot!! My plan was to come home from work and clean but I just want to lay down

SO what is your ac set on??
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Heaters set on High!!!!!!!!!!!

Brrrrr It's freezing over here. Steam is coming out of my mouth as I breath.

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I'm goign to come live with you
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LOL. I'm really cozy at the moment, sitting in a cushy chair wrapped in blankets , with heaters going in my face & Feet ..

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How are the cats coping with the heat?
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It's freaking hot here too! About 98F. My AC is on 73. I just came home from work and turned it on. I close all the blinds before I go to work in the morning so when I come home it doesn't take too long for the ac to cool it down.

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Our house has central heat and AC except for the attic..which happens to my bedroom! It gets blazing hot up there! Even if it's only 80 outside, you can expect the temp up there is over 100. I've got my AC cranked on 8 (my window AC goes from 1 to 10) and even then it can get kinda stuffy.

As for the downstairs, we've got it set on 72 and it's just perfect! The cats love it, but yet they always want to go to the basement since it's even cooler down there. Plus, it's got a concrete floor and it's almost chilly to step on to it...but those crazy cats love it!
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Luckily it's cooled down a little here-highs in the low 80's and in the 60s at night. During the day, I've been leaving the window AC fan on for Ivo-her favorite place to sleep now is right in front of it! When I come home, I crank up the AC (high cool set on 5) until the apartment cools down. I'm going to hate to see my electric bill
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I had 6 of my kittie's in the computer room with me before but when I went off for a toilet break 5 left

I have my fan heater at my feet and I didn't realise the Waste Paper basket was such thin plastic and I picked it up and one side was melted

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We just bought a new AC unit for the bedroom as the old one has gone to its final reward, wherever AC's go to die.

Home Despot had 4 skids full of them at 4 PM; we got THE LAST ONE at 6:15!
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It's on about 72 right now and I even have the window unit turned on...I stay hot all the time while everyone else is freezing!
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After the most bone-chilling morning, it seems to be getting sunny outside so all heaters off and I think I better go outside and stretch my legs

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I try keep our house at 76º -- then when my hubby comes home he bumps it up to 78º. It's pretty hot this time of year in Florida...some days I think we live on the equator, LOL!

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i keep my central ac on 70 all the time, but before I go to sleep I make it nice and cold!!
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I wouyld keep it on about 70 to sleep, but Tybalt cranks it way up, plus we have a big fan going too. I wake up in the middle of the nights with cats huddled against me for warmth, feeling like I've been transported to the tundra. Brrrr!
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Wait a minute, Mom of 10 Cats, are you and Tybalt a couple in person?

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It's been hot here, too, but a lot less hot than last week. We had heat indexes over 100. 90 is bearable after that.

Shell, I can relate! My bedroom is in the attic, too. The windows are so small, I have yet to find a window AC that will fit the windows and my checkbook. Luckily, I have a futon, so my living room is also my bedroom for the summer.

WHen it cools down a little, I use window fans, the kind that draw the cool air in. I like those much better than AC.
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Hey Kellye!

I think it's not Tybalt the Member here, I think that's his name.

Right Sue?

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Originally posted by Kiwideus
Wait a minute, Mom of 10 Cats, are you and Tybalt a couple in person?

I second that confusion!
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Our lowest high temp this week will be 103. Yesterday hit 106. We have an evaporative cooler and ceiling fans throughout the house. We are able to turn off the evap at bedtime but the bedroom ceiling fan runs all night long. We pulled the comforter off of the bed, two months ago and just sleep under a sheet.

The cats have favorite places to loll: the vinyl kitchen floor, on our bed and up on top of a cupboard, where there's a vent.
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moe of ten cats and tybalt sitting in a tree...

yep they are a couple
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Really? That is cool!
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yeppers if you read the sos post you can see where they are working together to help kitties . so he is really dad of 15 cats what a man!
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Yeah you could say that again, what a man!

Sorry to sabotage your thread Princess Purr! And back on track we go....
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