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Updates on babies

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I want to know how everybody's kittens are doing? Two of my three have opened their eyes, not all the way, but almost but the little girl hasn't started opening hers yet. My daughter named the white one with the little gray patch on his head....Patch, is his name. Haven't named the gray boy and the dark tabby girl yet. Babies and Momma are doing great. Angel will not let anybody in "her" room (which is really my son's room). If any of the other cats just "peek" around the door she is all over them, it is funny. And NO, I do not leave the door open when I am gone.

Okay the rest of you with babies.....I want to hear updates......and pictures!

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Hi Cathy, I was going to bump the Expectant Kitty Mum thread to ask everyone how their babies were. But you done it 1st

I'm glad to hear your babies are doing well. Any Pictures?

How about you, Crystal, how are Princeys babeys?

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So happy to hear the kittens and Mom are doing well. Those mama cats will take on anything to protect those little ones! You will have to take some pics when you have some time, I'd love to see them again.
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My mommy kitty Patches is doing very well, she has her five kittens and 2 of my neighbors kittens that her cat would not feed. So... now my poor lil baby has 7 kittens and all are doing great.
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Wow, what a good mommy she is!! 7 kittens!!!
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I don't have any babies but I'm glad yours are doing well! I live vicariously through you all!
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Bump for Crystal!
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I dont think Crystal comes here anymore.
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So she joined and then asked us tonnes of questions and then blo*dy left, that kinda makes me angry, all that I did for her!

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Yeah.. I know. Makes me really wonder about some things!
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