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Missing Cats

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You are right in thinking that those cats are being stolen by humans ...they are either being sold for food to humans or for research. The organization Supress is making an impact on proving that using them for research is plain bullsh*t and that is why we don't have cures for our HUMAN diseases. This is a matter for the police department to look into SERIOUSLY. This is a REAL CRIME. Those cats could even possibly be shipped overseas. There are quite a few laws being broken here ... I'm seriously surprised that Mr. I'vedonesomuchforAntioch is taking this so lightly. He is doing quite an injustice for ANTIOCH right now! Let's look at the case of the woman who's dog was taken from her car and thrown out onto the freeway and in front of her very eyes watched her loving companion be killed. San Jose did something about it ... What the hell is wrong with Antioch? Due to his IGNORANCE about the feline behavior he is CHOOSING to ignore this as anything significant. He will DEFINITELY be wishing he hadn't when these sick twisted individuals are caught. I am only hoping they are caught in time! I am dealing with my own private hell here in my neighborhood ... I also have a sick twisted person killing off the feral cats as a way to get rid of them. I am now trying desperately to find homes for some of the adults and kittens. I have spayed and neutered many of them and now am having to do it again and this time ... my own colony is at GREAT RISK. We also have Coyotes here killing them. One of my neighbors even called Animal Control on ME because (while others are feeding them) I am the one that they saw and because my home is a SAFE HAVEN and the animals know it. I truly hate IGNORANT people who REFUSE to open their eyes and learn before acting. There is a referral I just got to hopefully help me ... it's called THE HUMANE TASK FORCE... they deal with abuse and neglect of animals, if you'd like the number or want me to get a number for your area just let me know. I'm going to call them in the morning .. I wish us both luck! THIS IS WAR!!

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I was born in Orange County and still have many contacts that will take ferals if they themselves are not full to the hilt that is. If you let me know what vicinity you are in, I will try and reach out to my people and see if I can help you find homes.
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Hi Hissy

Thanks for replying. I'm in the Northridge Area which is in the San Fernando Valley. Any possible contact for hope for these little angles would be greatly appreciated. I would love to find homes for these little kittens, but even a foster home for two weeks would be of great help. I need to finish trapping the rest of the adults so they can be altered and given their shots and a flea program as well. Within the two weeks I can finish taking care of altering the adults and make room for the kittens so I can try to find homes for them. The adults are very sweet even though they are feral.The people at the vet clinic couldn't believe how healthy and beautiful these are adults are, being feral. Taming them would just take some love and patience. I have a male that has been through hell but has the most lovable nature now. He so loves being petted that it warms your heart. I would love to see him have a loving and caring home as well. I'm going to be trying to trap all the kittens this week and tonight, not sure where I'm going to put them yet but I'll have to come up with something. Their lives depend on me to do so. Thanks again for the thought, like I said ANY hope would be greatly appreciated.

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I know of four places that might take a cat or two. One would be Riverside, other Costa Mesa, and 2 in Westminster. I will let you know
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I have to ask, knowing that I'm going to probably get reprimanded
for allowing my "guests" to visit outdoors (as has happened many
a time), but what do I do about a man who TELLS me that he's going
to kill any of my cats that get into his yard, then several come up missing for months afterward...I saw the traps in his yard and another neighbor says he saw him chasing one of the cats...the police nor the animal control have done anything about it...
With 32 (and mostly feral) cats and other people living here, it was virtually impossible to keep them all inside...
This all took place awhile back (in the last year), but I'm still
P.O.'ed that this guy sets up there, bragging that he "got rid of those damned cats" that its eating me up. He's only three houses up.
This is one sorry, miserable guy and I have honestly fantasized about
burning his house down.
But I cant get any help. I am a "drop-off" station for unwanted and feral felines, but I cant do it anymore because of him and because I just cant find anyway to keep the cats from getting outside.
Any suggestions on how to go back to saving my feline friends from
homelessness without risking thier lives that I havent thought of already?

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that's so horribly sad, and WRONG! how upsetting, why arent the police doing something
about this :censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor:?! what is up with the lack of compassion everywhere?

have you considered making shelters outside for them? someone had a good idea for that,
i'll go look for that thread.


can you do something like this?

it's so terrible & heartbreaking that we cant even let our cats outdoors anymore,
we cant trust our 'neighbours' or the public, God only knows what will happen

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I know just how you feel. Recently someone slit open one my cats from mid chest to rectum. Thankfully, they only involved the fat wall and she had to have surgery, but she will be fine. I have 20 ferals most of them dropped off in the middle of the night, or rescued from high risk feral colonies. Because of this jerk-off I dare not take any more cats. The law will not intercede unless you have proof of abuse, and trapping cats (unless they are leg traps) is not illegal. So really, your hands are tied, unless you can videotape this joker maiming, killing or abusing a cat, the law won't move on him. Sickening, isn't it?
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Yes...it is sickening...dogs are treated far batter than cats. I dont understand the difference...

I have tried the pens and cages, but with so many cats, I would have to have a whole seperate room to keep them in because they just dart out when someone comes in or out the front door or opens a window...I have had many a cat rip a window screen to shreds and I dont believe in de-clawing. I wont put it down because I'm new here and dont want to make any enemies, but I will say I heartily disagree with it.

So...what else to do? I mean, I *have* to act rational (If I didnt, I would go up there this minute and relieve the world of this human boil!)

But I havent found or been brought any homeless kitties, lately. Unfortunately, however, I havent seen alot of cats at all since my neighborhood turned primarily Vietnamese. I'm not saying anything bad about anyone, its just probably a coinsidence...but its the truth. I used to be overrun with ferals and strays, but its eerie how there arent any others around in the last 2-3 years...

Anyway, thanks for the suggestions...however I think I've thought about everything there is.But I'm still open for suggestions so keep 'em coming

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Thank you for your efforts in advance ... I'll hopefully have some of the kittens trapped this week ... there is one red tabby that is sooo beautiful ... about 6 weeks ... one that looks like a siamese with blue eyes and bandit markings across the eyes ... one that is light cream color with very light grey tabby markings and I think her eyes are blue also .. four tabby's that are black and brown mostly green eyed babies ... all about the same age 6 weeks. I have one very tiny petite little girl who is going to be very small ... she's a delicate little tabby also. They are already getting spoiled ... What can I say ... All the cats have been fed on Science Diet. I'll also have the film developed and hopefully the pictures will turn out for you to see.

Thanks Again for ALL your efforts!!

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The places I know of are full up and overflowing. However, they have told me they will start networking in and around the area to see if anyone can take in the ferals. The problem is there are so many ferals already in the area that taking them from some other place, defeats the purpose (that is what Margaret said anyway) Wish I could of been more of a help..
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Hi Hissy
I have the ADULT feral cats taken care of so far ...Trapped one more adult (male, now I need to find a home for the kittens. I have trapped four of them this morning ... they are beautiful little babies. They are about 6 weeks going on seven weeks old. Problem is I don't have any more room. I am so stretched out of room it's not even funny any more. I know how stretched out EVERYONE is. I'm going to make some calls to all my contacts as well. Wish me luck!
Thanks Again

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