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the name bailey

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Have just read the horror story from Natchee, so this question is really for him (I didn't know how to just reply to the author).

Bailey is such an unusual name for a female cat. I got mine from the shelter in May and she also had been named Bailey. I thought it was a wierd name but since she responded to it I didn't want to change it. Did you by any chance have another Bailey that was up for adoption in May? Also, what is the significance of the name Bailey and what made you pick it?

Hope I'm not being too personal, but I'm really curious.
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To send a personal message, go to the bottom of the person's post and look for the button that says pm. Once you click pm you will get a screen that lets you write directly to the author.

Also, if you go to the very bottom of the Forums page (the page that lists all of the forums) you will find Private Messages. If you click there, you will be able to check your own private messages and you will be able to send private messages as well.
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Also if you go to the original post and hit post reply, your question will show up there, so she/he will see it.

I have a Bailey cat as well. An orange boy, he and his brothers were such clowns when they were kittens, I named them after the circus! Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey
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My friend has a cat named Bailey. I think its a boy tho!
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I don't have a cat named Bailey, but I do have a daughter named Bailey (spelled Bayley), so I kind of like the name!
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I have some software that adds up the numerology of a name and then explains according to it's numeric values, and this is what it's said for:

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I like the name Bailey! For a human or a cat, either one!
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I like the numerology. Bailey has many of the characteristics you mentioned.
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I have a female cat named Bailey, and that was the name she was given at the shelter. She didn't really know her name, but I still didn't want to change it, it suits her. I don't think its such an uncommon name. And one of my neighbours said, It suits her, she is just the colour of Bailey's Irish Crean.
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That's funny, because the Bailey's Irish Cream connection was also given to me by a friend. My Bailey is not that IC color, but a black and brown tabby. I love her, and now after all the responses from my mail I feel better about the name too.

Thank you all.
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is from the Old French for "bailiff" and/or the Scottish term "bailie," meaning a crown official or officer of the king in county or town. Keeper of a royal building or house. A person of high rank. A municipal officer corresponding to an English alderman
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