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Question for you.

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What is considered old or middle aged for a cat?
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That's a good question!

I'm afraid there's no definitive answer, because every cat is an individual. Most times, we'd consider cats aged 7-10 to be middle aged, 11-13 to be "senior" and 14+ to be "geriatric." That's just an average ballpark, though.

After all, some cats still act and feel like kittens at 12 years old, while others act like crotchety old lady kitties at 6 or 7.


p.s., I'm delighted to be here! Took me a while to log on, and figure out the 'puter stuff.
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My first cat Ginger is 7 this year and she has gotten so moody, she does not play with the kittens anymore and she will not even play with me! and I used to be able to pick her up whenever i wanted or do anything to her, now if I pet her and she does not want to be petted, she will swat at me!
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Any change in behavior could potentially be due to a health issue. 7 isn't really all that old. But depending on what's going on in the house (kittens? how old? rambunctious/pestering/etc?) even a 7-year-old kitty could start acting like a curmudgeon. If the other cats are suddenly challenging Kitty's authority, that may also be reason for her to start acting differently.

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Well She is healthy, she just had her annual vet visit. I did get 2 new kittens in the past year and she gets along fine w/ Kramer my 9 month old kitten, but she tolerates Ava my 11 wk old kitten.
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Thanks Amy - I guess mine are all middle age and young then. My girls just turned 7, everyone else ranges from 2 yrs to 5 years.
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Tarav, there's no accounting for taste. Just like with people, some cats adore certain felines and detest others. It may be that the younger kitten just rubs her the wrong way...literally!

Adymarie, sounds like you can expect to enjoy many more years with your kitty gang. *s*

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