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Kitty Kare

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Who looks after your cat(s) when you go away?
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I havent gone anywhere since I got Zoey. I'm a little uneasy about leaving her

But I think I would have my mom come over and feed her/play with her.
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My boyfriend lives over the road and Indie knows him so this week when I am going to be really busy he is going to come over and spend the evenings here. However, what happens when we both go away together? I have friends who have offered but all three of them have their own cats and I cannot risk leaving Indie with other cats even when he has had his shots and is older.
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No dont take the cat out of his home when you both go away together. Its MUCH less tramatic to have him stay at your home, where he is comfortable and have someone come at least once a day to put food out/change the waterdish/and clean the litterbox. I mean, it only takes a few minutes to do this.

It is much less tramatic for a cat to be alone in his own familiar surroundings, than to be around people and other cats that he doesnt know.
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Go away? What's that?

I do have a good friend who lives about 25 minutes from me, and she has in the past come in and taken care of the horses and the cats and the other animals if we need to be gone. But really, we don't go away much, and when I do leave, I worry about the critters.
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I agree that is the best option. However, when it is not possible would you consider a cattery? I know of one with a good reputation.
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Staying in their home with someone coming in is the best option, IMO. The cat is already traumatized enough that you are away. Mine usually eat very little while I am gone. Perhaps a pet sitter who comes to your house while you are gone?
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We never go away, we can't leave our animals to a stranger

When I go away to a cat show and take a few cats my Mum will look after them.

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Originally posted by Alcmene
I agree that is the best option. However, when it is not possible would you consider a cattery? I know of one with a good reputation.
I would never put my cat in a kennal or anything similar.. it is very traumatic for them to be moved out of the home. Plus you dont know if they will get good treatment where they are at. They will be very confused and upset.

I would rather have a neighbor or friend, anything, anyone, rather than put her in a kennal
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It too have not been away since I got my Loki - I think I would be miserable.

My friend has offered to care for him, she also has 2 cats, or I wold use a pet sitter if needed. But I would never board my Loki!!!!
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I have only gone away a few times and my mom comes over and feeds all of the animals. Although last summer we went on vacation and my mom called us at the lake where we were staying w/ a relative and told me that my ferret grew a golf ball sized tumor over night so we went home 4 days early and took her to the vet. She ended up having surgery and she is fine now, it has been almost a year and she has a clean bill of health. Oh yeah when my mom was trying to give my cat Ginger her prednisone Ginger got so scared that she jumped onto the microwave and peed all over it!! what a mess!
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Whenever I am away for the weekend, I leave Oreo at home with my Guinea Pig. I have a close friend that lives on the same street as me, so she and her daughter come over and check on Oreo, and play with him for a bit. He's always a bit upset at me when I get home, and doesn't leave me alone - but I think he is much happier being in his home, rather than being left in someone else's home. I will leave him at home if I can, rather than taking him to my sisters or a friends house. I leave the radio on so there is some noise for him.
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