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Which Cat Magazine?

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I am going to subscribe to a cat magazine and am not sure which one. Does anyone here have a preference? If you do, maybe you could say why.:tounge2: All of our cats, except one have either been adopted through a shelter or were strays so I don't need a lot of information on specific breeds, although I do enjoy learning about them and seeing pictures. I have seen copies of "Cat Fancy" and received a copy of "Cats" when we recently adopted Melody. They both look pretty interesting. I would appreciate any advise anyone has. Thanks. In peace, Hannah
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I get cat Fancy and I like it. They do lots of health stories and shelter stories. Then again, I am just about to get Cats as well. They do good stories too. The only one that really is to find breeders and read about breeds is the annual Cats. It only comes out once a year. You can also subscribe to newsletters from places like TUFTS and Cornell, they are good as well.
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I recently subscribed to Fancy, mostly on Sandie's recommendation in one of the threads. I figure if somebody with her knowledge likes it, then it must be worthwhile. You can subscribe through this site. That helps Anne out.
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Flea!!!! Another Iowan!!! I am SO impressed....there are 4 of us here now!!! Me, Fireshoes,Barb(can't think of her exact nickname but it is like jugan or jurgan or something) and now you!!!

Go Iowa....LOL :laughing:
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