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Long, hard day

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It was a long hard day stuck at home with the kiddos. My husband is up at church for choir practice tonite so I have some quiet time to myself! I just ordered some pizza rolls (my comfort food) from Mr Jims, and they should be arriving any minute. Life will be better shortly (and the kids are in bed).

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Hi Dawn,
Sorry to hear that your day wasn't too crash-hot. Hopefully your nite now will make up for the day you had! So what time is it there? I'm sitting here at work at 11.40am trying to decide if I really want to go for that regular walk today as it's 7 degrees outside and I hate the cold! Maybe I'll go tomorrow.....
Enjoy your pizza and quiet time to yourself - how I'd love to be doing that right now!!!
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Ahhhhh nothing like putting the kids to bed and kicking your feet up! I am right there with you. Of course the night would not have been complete without visiting the new kitten and having her fall sound asleep on my lap. I hope you are feeling well rested and ready for another day in the morning
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MMMMMMMMMMM Pizza rolls sound wonderful!!!!
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Ohhh, they were so good. They were nice and hot when they came, so the cheese was still stringy. I dip them in Ranch dressing, and I was in heaven. Went really well with the beer I had with them. Hard to have pizza without the beer!

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Okay Dawn, that did it. I was trying to control myself... But then you said...hot cheese, stringy, ranch dressing....then beer...my gosh woman, how do you expect me to control myself!!! :laughing: :laughing:

Seriously though....that soundss SO good!!!
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