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Curious why my cat will touch me with his paw

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***this isnt a behavior problem, but a curiosity***

Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can tell me why my cat would do this:

I will be laying in the bed an he will come up beside my head and lay down. (sometimes he lays down above my head on the pillow). Soon, I will feel him put his paw on my shoulder. Sometimes he will touch my face-- but lately- he is putting his paw on my shoulder or if he is beside me - will put his paw on my arm before he falls asleep.

This isnt a problem at all, I actually like when he does this. :-)
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This is a classic kitty expression of affection! You've been honored!!!!
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Thanks Elizabeth! :-)
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You will notice that if two cats are sleeping together, often one will put a paw on the other one. I've always taken it to be a gesture of reassurance and trust.
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I think that I have seen Spencer and Gracie do that. :-) Im glad they are happy!!!!!
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I think that it means that you are a good cat meowmy!!!!
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Absolutely correct! He is seeking comfort and expressing his trust, love, and bonding with you. As kittens they find comfort from the body warmth, breath, and heart beat of their mother as well as each other. As adults they seek this same comfort from those they feel closest to!
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Ghostie and Jake will do this with me. Jake likes to touch my face.

Prowler likes to wrap himself around my ankle and rub on my foot.
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Neko sleeps on me! she also touches my face. but its more like a constant tap with a little bit of claw...ouch. She does this in the early morning, i think she knows that doing this will wake me
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Tolly sleeps in my arms and Jennie at my knees or on my hip, Mazy sleeps at my neck, but must always have just one part of herself touching me, whether it is tip of tail or a paw resting on my ear, something.
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Ellie sleeps with both paws round my neck and her head on my chest. She has very long legs so it is easy for her to do this! Dushka taps me with a paw at night when she wants to crawl under the duvet, so that I can lift it up for her. Then she sleeps with both paws on my arm.
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Originally Posted by jennyranson View Post
Ellie sleeps with both paws round my neck and her head on my chest. She has very long legs so it is easy for her to do this! Dushka taps me with a paw at night when she wants to crawl under the duvet, so that I can lift it up for her. Then she sleeps with both paws on my arm.
I also get the paw tap to lift the covers so Ginger can burrow under to snooze. She will then sleep wraped around my feet. She also like to play "footsies" so I have little cat feet right up on my feet,
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At night my four cats will line themselves up from my head to my feet on my right, and my husband is to my left. Since they refuse to budge, if I have to get up during the night I have to slide myself out like a letter out of an envelope! And there's just no graceful way to do that
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Kipper does this too but he tries to make it look unintentional by stretching first, like in the movies when a teenage boy stretches and puts his arm around the girl . It's so cute though. He actually likes to sleep with his paw in my hand and when I start to fall asleep and my grip loosens, he'll gently touch his claws to my palm to remind me he's there.
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Many times I've seen Zachary go up to Lilly when she is sleeping on the couch and pat the side of her face with his paw. It's the sweetest thing ever!! He just loves her....but Lilly is the typical calico/tortie girl and could care less. Poor boy.

Soft paw taps are a sign of affection.
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My cat puts his paw on my eye. I don't know why!! Not all the time but if we're sleeping facing each other, boink on my eye. At least he knows not to use his claws!
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Hahaha! My bed is the same way! I unfortunately wake everyone up when I have to get up :p
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I get a similar thing in the morning. Gracie paws at me so I'll move my arm from under the covers so she'll have something to curl up against.
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Rattles would gentle pat me on the eyelids in the mornings to wake up and feed her. At bedtime, if I had my back turned to Little Man Tate, he would reach his paw over to my shoulder and try to pull me back over to face him! He only did this twice, but I was amazed at how he figured that out. It's communication of love and affection. Bella always has a paw on me while she naps. In case I move then she wants to know where I'm going
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My Sabbath does this kind of thing often. He's not and is never likely to be a lap cat or much of a cuddler but he does this innocent stretch and ends up with paws on my back, my arms or my legs. He will also hold my hand while he sleeps (actually gripping it).

I always took it to mean he wanted to make sure while he slept that I wasn't going anywhere. He apparently gets a wee bit of separation anxiety if I leave the house even briefly. He's very bonded to me I think, he doesn't really do this with anyone else in the house.

I'm assuming it's also to suck a bit of heat from me. The cold nights are when he tends to sidle up and do this more.
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Sophie does this to me also. She strokes my cheek with her paw sometimes in the morning. I think it's partly affection and partly as a get me my breakfast wake up call.

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Awwwwwww that probably means he likes you!  :happy3:

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catbi.gif   I think the cat is saying he loves you!   :rub:

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Artie curls up on my lap every night and 'holds hands' with me...He has to put his paw in my hand or touching my hand. We can spend a long time paw in hand....


In bed, he just has to be cuddled up so close to me that he is practically on top of me. His back is usually curled up against the sides of my legs or the back of my knees..almost like reverse 'spooning'...He is so nice and warm on these extra cold days.


 In the morning, Artie wakes me up, by coming directly up to my face and ear and says "Meow", then takes his paw and tries to pull my covers down!


Every once in a while he sits on the top of my chair and 'taps' my shoulder for attention......


such a sweetie....

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Sinbad does this to me all the time. It's very sweet. He's especially fond of resting a paw on me while he's grooming. He'll often not want to be petted or snuggle or anything, but just a little paw in my hand while he sleeps.

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This is so cute.

The first day I brought Frost home for some reason he smacked me between the legs with his paw. laughing02.gif I REALLY don't know what was up with that! It was too funny.

This little guy is such a character. vibes.giflaughing02.gif
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:rub:I think it's so sweet when the cats gently touch us with their paws.  I think they are saying, "Hello, I just want to tell you I love you!":Tilt Heart:

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?? He/she wants your attention!

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"My cat extends her right paw to me, very gently"   That is what I googled tonight, and found this site and your question.  Glad to have found it !  In reading the replies, it is good to know that it is a strong sign of affection.  That is how I perceive it....anyway.   She does it frequently now .... 

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I definitely think it is a sign of affection and communication!  :rub: :rub:  That is neat how I saw your post @kwajcat , because just this morning when I was waking up, my Speedy was touching my face very gentle.   This is the best way I could start the day!  


I noticed you are new at TCS and want to say WELCOME!!! :wavey:  I look forward to seeing you in the forums!  and hearing about your cat.  All the best from Marianne and Speedy!!  My cat is a siamese mix girl, who was a rescue.  She is very mild-mannered and I love her!  

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