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please send your healing prayer for Tigger!!!

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Tigger just got his 2nd distamper shot and 1st Leukemia today. The vet also give him some dex(?) to combat the side effect since last time he was lethagic for a few days. But now a few hours later, he seems to be even having to make a big effort to walk. I called the vet - he said keep an eye on him - as long as he is eating (he did ate after back from the vet), no vomit, no diarreh, he should be fine. But I am very very scared - aftering some of the terrible stories here. I am so afraid something bad is going to happen to him. Please send your prayer for him to be better soon!
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((( sending good vibes your way )))
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Lots of healing prayers coming your way, Tigger!!!

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Healing energies are sent your way.

Is he allergic to the distemper?
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We're all keeping fingers and paws crossed for you!!!
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Thank you all for your healing thoughts. Tigger is still on the floor hardly moved But did lick some wet food off my finger, and urinated in the litter box that I moved upstaires for him. No vomit no diarrah - I guess good signs. He feels much warmer than usual and he sqeeks a bit when I touch around the shouder blade where the distemper was given. I hope the hard time walking is simply because of the needle sore - a lot better than any other reasons.

jmvito, what happens if he is allergic to distemper? What can I do to quicken his recovery?
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I honestly don't know what happens if he's allergic to the distemper. I picked the distempter because this was his 2nd shot and he was sick after the first one too, correct? I was wondering if that's what is making him sick? Or is it simply the vaccinations in general? Does the trip to the vet stress him out? I guess I am not clear as to why he's behaving this way.

This seems odd to me that he should have this kind of reaction after a vaccination. I've had countless number of cats over the years, and have not encountered this type of reaction after vaccinations. Is this common and I have just been lucky not to run across it?

I sure hope Tigger is feeling better by morning. I know how stressful it is when the critters don't feel good. Poor things; they can't tell us what's wrong, where, or how much it hurts. Please let us know in the morning. Bless you both.
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Tigger is still lying around and limping the few times he actually got up and walked to bowl or litter box

The shot was this morning around 9:30, it's more than 12 hours later, he is eating wet food with pedialyte mixed in. He is also using litter box. So I am glad about that.

My biggest worry is the limping and the high temp - he feels hot. I used the trick the Vet taught me - pull and scruff and see if that goes down quickly - if so then the cat is fine in terms of hydration. Tigger passed that test so far. And I know fever is somewhat expected when his immune system is working overtime with the shot...

Wondering if people have seen fever as a side effect of vaccination?
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Tillie had an allergic reaction to her rabies shot, she barfed all over the vet table. She needed to get a shot of Benadryl to reverse the effects. That's the only experience with a cat having an allergic reaction that I've seen.
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How worry should I be when the kitten feels hot, but still eats and doesn't seem to be de-hydrated. I can bring him back to the vet tomorrow. Just trying to decide if I need to take him to ER tonight? I am so tired and behind on work I don't think I can muster the energy to take him to ER...
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Happy to report that Tigger is feeling better and is playing again - although still feels warmer than usual and is still limping. Thank you all for the good thoughts! It was very scary yesterday to see him lying motionless all day.
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I am so thrilled for you and Tigger! Way to go!
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