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Finally found my Aby

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As some of you know, I have been hoping to find an Abyssinian to adopt for some time now. I knew I did not want to buy one but to rescue one. After a few times that had looked promising, I finally gave up. And that's when my Aby found me!

Tinker (as he was called then) is a neutered male Ruddy, between 2 and 5 yrs old and was living in terrible conditions when the Humane Society rescued him. He'd been shut in a small, dark, mold-ridden bathroom for over a year with little to no human contact. He'd been declawed on all four paws His previous owner called him "Stinky".

He is such a love bug! He's thrilled to have people paying attention to him and loves to be held and cuddled and petted. What a wonderful personality! He's already had brief introductions to a couple of the kitties here, and they've gone extremely well.

This is our last addition until we hit the lottery and can buy a bigger house!

We've renamed him Khepera, after the Egyptian God of the rising sun and rebirth. He's had a rebirth of sorts, leaving such a bad place and coming somewhere where all his needs and wants will be attended. Here are some pics of this handsome, sweet, wonderful guy.
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Another picture!
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And one more, for now..
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omg he's beautiful
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Sue, he's gorgeous! He looks like a little mountain lion in that last picture.
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I said that last night, he looks like a Cougar or Mountain Lion!!

He is such a sweetheart, I am so in love with him. Making sure I spend extra time with the other kitties so there is no jealousy!
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Sue, he's GORGEOUS!!!! I'm so glad he found you! I'll be praying you win the lottery, because you NEED a bigger house, LOL! ...and I know exactly how you feel. We're still pretending like we're going to adopt out little Mae, but forget about me... I don't think Gary'll be able to do it. And we're maxed out with four already! We need a bigger motorhome, LOL!
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awwww what a cutie!!!
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What a beautiful cat, why would anyone want to treat him like that Those people that had him should be horse whipped I am so glad that he has found you. He will live out the rest of his days a really happy camper
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Awww he is soooo beautiful - he is obviously so grateful to have such loving owners now. Bless you guys!
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Congratulations on your new addition! May you have many happy years together!

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What a beautiful kitty. He is so lucky to be part of your loving family!
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He's gorgeous! I knew how much you wanted an Abysinnian

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A beauty, Sue! I want an Aby or a Bengal soooo much!
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He is SO handsome! : Not to mention one lucky little guy to have you adopt him. I'm glad he's going to be in such a good home now... I can't believe how his previous owners treated him.
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Sue, after the past couple of months seeing you get heart broken time and time again trying to rescue an Aby, it's so wonderful to hear you so happy. Tears of joy are running down my face! He is absolutely gorgeous! The name fits him perfectly...such a great story behind it all.
Congrats once again on the newest addition to your family!
BTW, I hope you win the lotto too so you can rescue even more precious furbabes!
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Aww... Ra is a cutie!!
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He is in hiding in the attic now since the dreaded vaccuum monster appeared earlier. He does come to me when I call him!
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What a beautiful boy. So glad he has a good forever home with you.
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What a pretty cat! That poor guy all alone. It's great you gave him a wonderful home!
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Congratulations! Having an Abby myself I know that they are the sweetest love bugs you could ask for! I"m glad you rescued him!(if ya ever need a place for him, I'd be glad to take him for ya! LOL! just kidding, I know you'll never give any of your babies up! LOL!) I hope he brings you and the rest of your troop great joy and pleasure!
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Awesome looking Aby....and congratulations for finding the cat you always wanted...although I think number "16" is not too far away in the near future...LOL..
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No, no 16. Not unless we win the lottery or a long lost relative bequeaths us a fortune.
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How's that saying go? there's always room for one more? #16 is on the way! LOL!
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about his story life.. I am so thrilled that he found you as a wonderful mom. It makes me sooo sad that everyone who have no hearts for cats. Every time i see yours or Val who have lots of cats makes me wanting more cats!

Glad you found aby that you wanted. He's a definitely hottie furboy!
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He is beautiful. I love Abys. What a happy and luck guy he must be to have found you.
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