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wheezing cat

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Once again, Peanut, one of the 4 cats in my house is havig some problems, first there was her peeing in the sink, then her pooping in the tub, and all this time I've been telling my roommates to bring her to the vet (it's their cat, the other 3 are mine) and they still have yet to do it after almost a month and a half! (FRUSTRATION!!) Although they said they'd take her to the vet on Thursday (fingers crossed). Nonetheless, the poor little furball perpetually wheezes, and not even after shes been exercising, but when shes simply sleeping or just lying still, and you go up to her you can hear her wheezing, she sounds like shes perpetually out of breath! Can cats have asthma? That's the only thing that I can think of! She's not overweight, and she's only about 11 months old, and shes had all her shots. She was adopted from pet smart a few months ago, and her vet check went just fine, and now she's having all these problems, the poor thing. Can anybody help?
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Our cat had a bad and prolonged upper respiratory infection when he was small, and the vet says that there was likely some damage to his sinuses. Sometimes he has a slight wheeze (i.e. you can hear him when he breathes) as a result.
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It sounds like the cat is pooping and peeing because she's not feeling well. Cats can have asthma, and it could also be an upper resperitory infection. Wheezing is a serious matter, and I would stress that to your roomate. One of my good friends just had a cat die due to undiagnosed asthma. He had a severe attack in the middle of the night, and when she woke up, he had passed
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