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Spot's a stalker!

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Spot is such a butt! At FOUR in the morning I heard him meowing really loud and galloping through the house. He was BOLTING in and out of the house to the cat enclosure. I finally got up to see what he was up to. I turned the light on in my living room and saw 5 dragonflies stuck to my ceiling, fearing for their lives.

Somehow a few dragonflies got in the cat enclosure and Spot stalked them and was bringing them in the house, one by one. The good news is all of the dragonflies lived. I had to get a broom and direct them out of my front door.

I went outside to talk to Spot about his behavior and would you believe he played dumb? LOL! Poor boy, he probably thought the dragonflies were birds.

Had to share the guilty look on his face!

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What do you mean I was running around at 4:00am? Must have just been a bad dream, mom!

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Oh my Kim. He is GOREGEOUS! I loooove his markings, and the black and white together is stunning.
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Oh My Gosh.

Spot's adorable. from Aunty Sam

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Cute pic. He looks like he's saying, "Moi?"
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