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kitten losing balance, HELP

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I'm so worried, one of my kittens Alfie a 4 and half month old kitten, has started to lose his balance.
I noticed maybe a week ago he walked funny, wasn't sure if it was just me being paranoid, but it looked like his legs were slightly too spread out when he walked. I let him be thinking he was a kitten afterall, and they aren't noted for their gracefulness so i thought i'd keep an eye on him.
Today though his head is definately tilted constantly to the right. And i only noticed it really suddenly, it wasn't like it was gradual or anything. Also his right eye is almost constantly open, like he doesn't blink.
He is playing, eating, pooping normally, no sign of ear mites or anything.
Nothing has been changed, i put on frontline on him a week ago but that's all.
The only thing maybe i would say is that his playing with his sister is slightly less boisterous than it used to be, again only i am noticing these things, husband thinks apart form the head tilt all is the same
Am really really worried, closest appointment to vet is 5:30, till then i'm frought with worry, please if anyone can offer advice or anything.....
Need some of that good luck board magic
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I know that an ear infection can cause them to tilt their heads to the side. Hope all is well, saying prayers for the little guy!!! Keep us posted!
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Thanks Sue, i really hope it is something treatable like an ear infection..... I'm just so worried. This kitty really is like my baby. He'll let me do any and everything with him, he really is like a ragdoll (he's a persian), really floppy purring love bug.
He's even modelled some very cool t-shirts Yes i know i sound mad, but you HAVE to see these photos, will be posting them very soon.
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Ask the vet to check for Vestibular decease....(has to do with
balance, etc.)

Keep us in the loop !!
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I hope that it is something treatable too! Postitive thoughts and vibes going your way.

Keep us updated as to how he is.

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Great news it's just an ear infection, which seemed to affect his eye, i was worried it was a neurological problem with him falling about, but vet checked and ruled it out

Thanks all for good vibes
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Oh, I am so glad to hear that!!!!!

Sending feel-better vibes to Alfie!
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