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Hey Mom of 10 (15!) Cats... ?

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So Sue... I read about Phoenix... and I see her picture in your signature. But! If you have 15 cats, where is this elusive #15? I just read through the lounge looking for mention of him/her and I can't find anything. Did I miss it?

And Val, if I did miss something, Sue needs another slot in her siggy pic.
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Hi Jenn,

Yes, there is an elusive #15, no pics of him yet though! Go to Breeder's Corner and check out my "Abyssinians" thread! I've been looking for an Aby rescue for a while, and finally found one this weekend! On page 6 or 7 is his petfinder photo, his name is/was Tinker, we're renaming him. I think his new nameis going to be Khepera, Ra for short; Khepera is the Egyptian god of the Rising Sun and Reincarnation. Given the sad time he's had before finding us, I think this qualifies as a reincarnation for him!

Val's been bugging me for a picture, never fear!

Between spending time petting him, taking care of Phoenix, who has a URI and now has developed an eye infection, and a power outage last night, I haven't been able to take any new photos yet. Should have more by tonight, I hope!!!
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I will have to check the thread out. I just saw your siggy though and there's Khepera, yay!! Thanks for clearing up my confusion. And congratulations on #15!
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Isn't Ra gorgeous , Well Sue, someone had to ask this question. what are you going to do when you get a 16th cat?

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Well, for one thing, I'll have to help Tybalt move, cause he'll leave if there is a 16th LOL.

Seriously, this is capacity for us. We can't have more than 15 and still be able to give love and attention to all of them, never mind food and all those important things.
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I'm glad you decided to stop somewhere .. LOL

Give them all (((HUGS))) from Aunty Sam!
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