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My vet thinks my cat may have FIP

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I took Simon to the vet today. He has bad breath and has been drooling very large amounts. The vet said he has gingivitis. He said this could come from FIP. Simon was tested for FIP today and we now have to wait for 5 days to find out. I have been since I came home. He has already been tested for FeLV. I know that they can not do anything if he has FIP. Simon is only 6 months old now and I am so scared. I love him so much he is my . I think he is far to young to have gingivitis. Am I right? Can someone please help me feel better I am so . I Simon and don't want to lose him.
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Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear that. I don't know much about FIP other than I don't ever want Muffy to get it! I just wanted to tell you that you and your kitty are in my thoughts.

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FIP is a very strange but real disease. It comes in two forms, dry and wet. Different vets will tell you different things as to what causes it but most of it is just speculation as there is no real proof yet. In our sanctuary, we have had two cats die from FIP and several make it through. The ones who died were older and their immune systems couldn't handle it. You can find a lot of info on the web about it. The only thing you can do is if he does have it and you have another cat, it has already been exposed. They just don't need to go back outside (if they do) until they have been tested every three months for as long as it takes to get their titers back down. We have one cat named Caroline who had been in a cage with one who died of FIP. She tested positive. We isolated her in a condo by herself. After 9 months (testing every three), her titers are normal as any other cats so she is fine. It can go away but you have to find out which form it is. You also must make sure they eat because if they have FIP and stop eating then their immune system will drop and they may not recover. Good luck and please keep me updated. There is an FIP shot but it is not 100%. You should ask your vet if your cat is diagnosed and you have another one, should you get the shot.
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Dear Simon's Mommy,

Please do not worry. My cat was diagnosed with FIP. The titer test which is the one your vet did will tell you whether or not he was exposed to it. Unfortunately FIP is a group of corona viruses which makes it difficult to narrow it down to the exact one. Read this link which will help you understand what FIP is all about.


When a cat is diagnosed with FIP, it is NOT necessarily a death sentence. It just means he was EXPOSED to the virus. It does not mean he has it.

I hope this will help you understand it. I do sympathize with you because when I first found out my cat was diagnosed with it, I thought for sure he was doomed. He is the healthiest and happiest 10 pound kitty I have ever laid eyes on.

Hang in there and keep us posted.

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Thank you so much for the information. I not only have another cat I have 3 other cats. They are all indoor cats. I am so scared. I was also planing to get a new kitten soon and now I have to wait. I hope that everthing turns out ok for my baby.
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Yes, please don't panic just yet. Simon may not even have it at all. Like Donna said, it may even show a positive but does not mean he will become ill at all. Just keep calm and take it a little at a time. With the gingavitis, some cats are pre disposed to it because of poor conditions when very young, inbreeding and such. To tell you the truth..my tinkerbell drools alot when she is sleeping or happy. She is not FIP positive. Let us know when the results are in.
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