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Monday DT

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It's haf six in the morning here - sorry, it's probably still Sunday for some guys . . .

Anyway, mindful of the fact I haven't posted much recently, I thought I'd drop by and say HI!!! I pop in every day to have a quick, but don't have the time to reply

Well after a hot and humid weekend, it's a humid, damp and cloudy Monday morning (yippeeee - not).

I will be working from 10-4 every day for the next couple of weeks before finally taking my unofficial maternity leave. It will still mean I'll have to work from home a bit, but at least I won't have to traipse into the office. Can't believe I'm only about 7 weeks away from the big event itself.

Things are starting to ache now, ankles, hips, back . . . so the old body is saying 'take it easy' . . .

Hopefully when I finally stay at home I'll be able to catch up on all the old posts - I feel like I'm ignoring lots of old friends - and not geting to know lots of new ones.

We have decided to buy a digital camera so I'll post pics at some point soon, both of me and my fatness and also my furry family.

Take care everyone!!!!!
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Hi it's 5:44pm Monday here!!!!!

And I have had a weird day as you have seen on all the threads I have posted.

I went to college, had to come back had flu , kitty's been lost for 3 days came home and been here for around 7 hours

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Congrats Yola on buying a DC, They are super things!

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Hi Yola! I've missed you! 7 weeks? WOW! I can't wait - you got a camera just in time!!!!!

Sam - glad things finally worked out OK. Hope you're feeling better!

Gary had to head into the city today - but we forgot to allow extra time because we have to take Mae's set up out of the shower. He left late, and wasn't in such a great mood... he HATES sitting in traffic (and if you miss the "window" here, a 1 1/2 hour commute turns easily into 3 hours). I don't blame him.

I'm babysitting Mae, working on some stuff for Save Samoa (being 4th of July week it's a little slow, and I'm finally pretty much caught up with work), and doing some cleaning around the "house" today, LOL!

Have a nice day!
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Its 6:15 and I don't have to be at work until 10:30. Hopefully this will be my last week, on this shift. I hate not being home for dinner.

Its supposed to be 103 today. Good thing that I work inside. The Aspen Fire is 60% controlled and as long as the winds stay slight, should be out in a week or two. All of the smoke and soot is affecting people with respiratory problems, Bill included. Such people are advised to stay inside. I can see Bill, trying to haul a backhoe or paver, into a building.

Yola, rest as much as you can. After the baby's born, you can forget about REAL rest, for the next 18 years.
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Spent an hour this AM fighting with my laptop (work computer) only to find out the problem was with the surge protector. We had a several-blocks-wide power outage last night and I guess when it came back on, it blew the surge protector.

Also communicating with Nat'l Maine Coon rescue about the gorgeous white one we have at the shelter, they sound very interested in fostering/placing him. If they can help him, that will free up a cage so another cat can have a chance!!!

Phoenix, one of our 2 new additions, has developed an eye infection and is now on Clavamox for the URI and Neosporin eye ointment for the eye problem. She is an angel, she lets me put the medicine right in her eye without complaints or wiggling. Right now she is staring out in the yard at the chipmunks racing around.

Khepera, the other new addition, is currently exploring the attic. He met several of the other kitties this AM and the introductions went very well indeed!!! Silver headbumped him!

Have to work from home for next 3 hrs, then will be on the road for a few hours, then back home. Not looking forward to going into Center City Philly today in 90 degree heat.
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I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tired! Yola you better take that advice about resting, I don't think I've slept for more than 4 hours in a row since Ron was born (and the 4 hours were on a rare occasion ). For some reason Ron decided we didn't need our afternoon nap today so here I am practically weeping over my keyboard (so tired I get teary-eyed - not sad).

Have a great week everyone!
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Anne, that's when you say, "You're taking a nap NOW!" and lay in there with him, make him lay next to the wall so you will wake if he tries to climb over you while you're asleep. This worked well with my sister Kate, who HATED naps as much as I loved (and needed!) them.

Best of luck!!!!
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Yola be sure that you are taking care of yourself!

I am back at work after being off since last Wednesday. Had a nasty ear/sinus/chest infection. Still not 100%, but better today. Tomorrow is Canada DAy so I have the day off work. Today, at work, they wanted us to dress in red and white so I have on white sandles and tank top and a cherry red skirt, with Canada temp tattoos and a 1 foot high maple leaf shaped hat. I never wear skirts, but it is such a gorgeous day. Went to the mall at lunch because the shoes I had on were causing major blisters so I bought new sandles. While at the mall a man tried to pick me up. The line he used was "I think you are a beautiful and lovely person, is there any way I can get to know you?" I told him thank you for the compliment, but I didn't think my hubby would appreciate it. It was a good thing I didn't wear the hat to the mall, I would have had him begging then! LOL

Looking forward to my day off tomorrow. I will probably sit out back for a bit and go to the ribfest at a local park. 10 pork rib smokers are competing, so the food will be fantastic.

Hope everyone has a good day!
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