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Hi Guys

I'm just slurpin on a glass of milk and munching on a few cookies and I was wondering what everyone else on the other side of the world was doing


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Well the power just came back on here. We were in the dark for about an hour, not just us but the whole block, streetlights and all.
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OoOoooooooOooOOOOoOoooOO Scary Stuff Sue!

I hope everything's ok!

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I'm just browsin the net, watching my fish, playing with Zoey and about to eat some chips and home made dip!
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Awwwww you go girl you are nearly at 1,000 !!!!

Mmmmm Your day sound fun, Now I'm finished my snack I'm going to shut all the curtains, switch heaters on and snuggle down with my cats while typing here.


AND look for my missing Yogi
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What time is it where you live now?
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Don't switch the heaters on yet, Sam! I'll send you about 20 of our degrees, it's in the 80's here at almost 1 in the AM!!! Too hot!!!
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It's 4:43 pm. I didn't go to school today because of the flu.

Ohhh Please give me some heat! Me, bones r' freezin up'

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I'm always curious about what time is it where everyone is at

They should add that option!!
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Good Idea! What time is it on your end?

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