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My asylum

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The whole crew is NUTS!!

Friday morning, a big red ant was perambulating, across my patio. Pearl spotted it and decided that it would make a great toy-cum-snack. She stuck her nose down on it and it bit her. Rather than leaving it alone, she pawed at it a bit and disabled it. Back she goes, with the nose - gets bitten again. All told, that ant must have bitten her nose at least 6 or 7 times, before she ate it. Tough dog!

While this is going on, Ike is in the yard, flat on his back rolling and kicking his feet in the air. If I hadn't known better, I would have thought that he was having a seizure.

Rowdy has discovered a new entertainment. Yesterday evening, the kids across the street were playing with a radio-controlled car, in front of my house. Rowdy was in the front window and was fascinated with it. I'm going to buy a small, cheap one for her.

Buddy has decided that my pillows are THE place to nap. He has spent the better part of the weekend sprawled across all three of my pillows. What a slob! Yesterday, Bill lay down for a nap. When I passed by the bedroom door, Buddy was snuggled up against Bill's butt, as tight as he could get. I ran for the camera but, by the time that I got back, BILL had moved. Usually, the cats don't hold a pose, until I get back. It would have been a cute picture, too.

Opie is the only one acting normally and HE spent last night in the computer room. I checked, before I went to bed. Lord knows where he was hiding but, there he was - up on the scanner this morning. At least, he behaves himself, in here.

If they're all acting this nuts, now what will they be like, when the moon is full?
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Hold on to your pants! LOL!!
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The dogs are at it again, this morning. The next-door neighbor cats were out in their yard and Ike and Pearl tried to get them to come over and play. Oscar and Toby are having nothing to do with dogs. They do, however, come near the fence and tease Ike and Pearl.

Ike stands there and whimpers, because he wants to play so badly. Pearl even went and got her tennis ball, to try to entice them over. Oscar and Toby just sit there, sneering and looking down their noses.

Pearl gave up, on the cats and proceeded to chase her tail, for a while. She is so funny, whirling around in circles. Eventually, she gets dizzy and either falls down or staggers around, like a drunken sailor.

The cats have been very subdued, this morning. I expect that Bill will get the full brunt of their mischievousness, when he gets home from work.
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Life must never be boring at your house Cindy!

There is a fly that seems to be teasing Kahu - he is on the other side of the screen and Kahu tries to catch it with no luck and the fly comes back every time and its such a vicious circle, but entertaining nontheless!
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My yellow patio light burned out and I didn't have a spare so, we replaced it with a white light. Rowdy loves to hang out, at the screen door or the window, chasing bugs that she can't catch. I have to be careful, going in and out - she will dart past me and being younger and having twice as many legs, she's faster than I am.
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