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Why does she HAVE to smell my breath?

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Weird I know. Nora always insists on smelling my breath. Every time I eat something (like I just ate an Andes mint and she smelled it from across the room and sat up and sniffed the air), or every morning when I get up and have horrible morning breath, etc she wants to smell it. She'll even go as far as grabbing my face with her paws and pull me down so she can smell. Most of the time she gets into my lap and puts her face right next to my mouth and smells for about 5 seconds, other times she is lazy (like right now) and wants me to just blow at her so she can smell. LMAO She just wants to smell, and then goes on her merry way.

The only time she doesn't do this is when I'm drinking beer, b/c she HATES the smell of beer. I find it funny that she would rather smell my morning breath than smell beer. lol None of the other cats (or other pets for that matter) have ever cared what my breath smelled like. She also likes to smell any lotion or perfume I have on, so I will hold up my arm and blow across it towards her so she can smell it. She is a very "sniffy" cat.

Is there a reason behind why she likes to do this?

(feel free to move this, I wasn't sure where to put it)
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My experience is that she is analyzing your physical and emotional health. Cats are very good at recognizing something amiss & will treat you accordingly. It is a sign that your cat considers herself to be very important in your life - just doin' her duty, just makin' sure all is well with your world
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My cats do that to everyone that comes into my home ....... its hilarious to me. They dont give up either until they can smell your breath
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I have one who does that too! Mr. Grey always smells my breath. He usually does it at night when I'm sleeping/waking up, but that might just be because that is when he can get close enough to my face.
Waking up with a cat IN YOUR FACE is a little disconcerting the first few times. I can see where people got the idea that cats 'steal your breath'!
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Mira does this too, usually looking for food. If she smells food on my breath she'll stick her whole head in my mouth to look for it.
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Aya usually sneaks up behind me while I'm sitting on the sofa eating, leans over my shoulder and sniffs. She'll even tap the side of my mouth gently with her paw if she thinks what I'm eating is interesting enough that she wants some or at least wants me to turn my head her way so she can investigate. It's really quite cute.
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Originally Posted by kara_leigh View Post
Is there a reason behind why she likes to do this?
She is a cat. She is inquisitive. She want to know what the hell you have been doing. In my forty years of cat ownersip it sounds to me like you have a very well adjusted cat. I will admit that Persi (the male) never does this but all of my female cats have always done this. So now the question becomes what could sex possibly have to do with this? I have no idea but you stated your cat was female and all my female cats have done this.
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Sterling does it, too. Sticks his nose up my nose. I think he wants to know what I've been eating, where I've been, etc.
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It's normal cat behavior. Smell is everything to cats and they can learn a lot about you by smelling your breath. Also they are imprinting your special scents into their brains. So it's all part of the bonding process.

Ever see a cat wash a spot that you have just touched him or her on? She isn't just washing OFF your scent, she is tasting you.

They love us, you know. We are their pride.
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my cat just started doing this i wake up with her nose right up to my nose its so weird i thought she was stealing my breath ! she also didn't start kneading until she was 2 yrs of age i don't know why her behavors get stranger the older she gets lol . 

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My eldest cat Cheska does it fairly regularly. She jumps up onto my lap and, usually before settling down, has to shove her nose into my mouth to sniff my breath. I've heard it's do with checking your overall health. If so, that's adorably cute. It's cute anyway. Being a female, Cheska also seems to reinforce the theory that this is a girl cat thing...


By the way, I'm new here. Hello everyone!

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Tiger is a male and he does it every chance he gets even pushing his way in front of whatever you are doing just so he can get a good whiff

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My friend used to say on a private FB group that her cat was trying to sniff her breath, but she didn't let him unless he was insistent. My Dublin sniffs my breath, & I let him. I don't see the problem with it, & I chuckle sometimes when he seems to try to get his whole head in there. He seems to do this either just after I've eaten or if I've had a rough day & I seem to be getting better. So maybe at those times he's checking to see how I'm doing, if I'm truly getting better. Like other cats, he has empathy with me & does all he can to make sure that I'm fine & looked after. It's just him & me & our bond is very strong. I like the idea that a cat sniffing his human's breath is a way to check on the person's emotional health & the like. This does seem to be true, at least in part. :)

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No offense, but I wouldn't smell your breath after you've had a beer either! ;-)
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My cat Raz loves to do that too he will jump on my lap love on me then force my mouth open by shoving his nose between my lips so I've given up and every time he goes towards my face I open my mouth and he shoves his face into my mouth and smell for a few seconds its funny as ever
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I think this thread is old but anyway...


Macha loves to smell my breath too, then she will pause and then here she comes smelling me again....I wonder why? LOL


I know and I am very sure I brush my teeth three times a day! 

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