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Spaying Muffy

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Today I was at the vet getting some medicine for the fleas I found on the kittens, and the vet assistant told me I could spay Muffy when the kittens are five weeks old. I was planning on waiting until they were fully weaned, probably around 8 weeks old. Isn't 5 weeks a bit young to be fully weaned and have their mother gone for an entire day? I need to get her spayed ASAP, but I don't want to do it at the cost of the kittens' health. I do understand that she could get pregnant before the little ones are weaned, but we've had a discussion with my daughter, and Muffy won't be let out again! So I'm not worried about that. Comments? Suggestions!


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Even if she is spayed today she will still produce milk for another couple of weeks. I have seen kittens weaned at 4 weeks and on canned food. It is up to you. If you aren't going to let her out, then you can wait. However, if there is any chance in h*** that she can/will get out, I would go on and do it.
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Well, not ALL cats will continue to produce milk. IMO kittens are much healthier,happier and well adjusted when able to stay with mom and nurse until min 8 weeks. If it can happen, it should. If you know she will not get out again, I would wait until the kittens are 8 weeks old.
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At 5 weeks the kittens should already be eating regular food in addition to Mom's milk so the day or so for surgery will have little effect on them in that aspect. I would be more concerned with Mom's situation, having surgery and nursing kittens who will be crawling all over her with the possibility of rupturing stitches, etc. I think I would wait, as well, until the kittens are completely weaned if Mom will not be in contact with any males between now and then. This may sound harsh, but Mom can still be spayed if she is pregnant if the pregnancy is not too far along. Please, people, do not inundate me with the right to life stuff; I am stating facts, not beliefs!

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