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I want my baby, I miss him soooooooo much:(

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I'm very upset and distressed, 3 Days without my red self persian Yogi and I have gotten so worked up! Yogi disapeared 3 days ago, We haven't seen him since. He basically lives outside because he's the o/s boy BUT he still comes in 2 times a day for food. He hasn't came in lately. I got him for my 8th b'day and we haven't really been to fond of each other but I still love all my cats and I'm awfully worried about him

I had to take the day off school today because I have the nasty flu and I can't be outside calling him all day.

What should I do? After how many days do I worry? Should I be putting up notices? Ringing Police because he's a beautiful persian cat stolen?

The only thing that is making me wonder is that ,, a few days ago our neighbour was spraying his garden with weed killer HIGHLY dangerous to cats, Our 3 o/s cats were o/s playing and Mum wondered what he was doing so she went over and asked him and he said " Just getting rid of weeds ETC ETC and then he said, very dangerous for animals so keep them inside for 30 minutes, We tried to round them up but failed. Should he of warned us before he sprayed knowing we have many animals?

You guys are probably angry I'm not out there searching for him, but it's very hard when I'm in poor health.

Please send kitty return home Vibes!!!!
Thanks Sam, BTW I'm not sure what Forum this should be on!
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((((((((((kitty...go home)))))))))))

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I have another question. Weed Killer, Is it a slow death or a short one? Should we be checking under trees and stuff to see if he's suffering?

Awwww I know you are all busy reading other threads, But please god send him back !!!!!!!!!!!!
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Sam, I dont think anyone would be angry at you if you are sick!
I wish I was there helping you find him, I am sorry that he has disappeared and I am sending you mega "come home" vibes to you.

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Aw, Sam, I hope he comes back. Nobody here will be angry with you, you're sick and you have to take care of you. We all know how much you love your animals. Sending come home vibes for your baby.
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Thanks Kellye & Bren.

I have never been so upset. I have checked basement, attic, under house in trees,cupboards and I'm shivering, It's pouring

I'm sorry to ramble, I really am. I just want him back so much

I'll let you know how it goes!

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I'm so sorry you kitty is missing. I would be looking at places he would hide if he were sick, or as you said under bushes or places like that. Hope he comes home soon.
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Any one got answers to my questions?

I'm just going to go and have another look for him again

Thank You. Sam.
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Hey Maylyn, I'm have been looking under his fave trees. We have a large yard so he could be any where.

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As I write this, I'm breathing a HUGE sigh of relief. He's back and well, not the slightest hungry, so someone must be feeding him?

I'm so relived.

Thanks everyone.The PM's included.

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Im so glad he is back, I was worried for you. Sounds like he had a big adventure somewhere!!
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Get him a break away collar and have him microchipped if he isn't already!

I am so glad he came home! I know I would be beside myself!

Hope you get over this nasty flu soon! (((hugs)))

Perhaps your folks will build an enclosure for him to roam in, outside, so he can't go as far next time?
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Hi Malynn. Thank you!

Hi Teresa. My cats don't wear collars they never have and never will, we feel they are a wild animal at heart and need their space, He's a massive cat and he looks silly with a collar and he always pulls them off straight away, everyone in the neighbour hood knows our cats so I'm sure people would be noticed if they had this tough guy sitting on their floral chair

I mean no offence of course when I say this. Thanks for the Hugs! I really needed them , No-body in NZ gets their cats micro chipped , no vets do it over here in our island. Our cats do get passed around quite a bit as well, so it wouldn't be very easy, having to change details every month or so.

We are renting at the moment so we can't just build an enclosure , plus our yard is more for the dogs to play in and we wouldn't want it taken up by kitty-cats.

Thanks. Sam
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I am glad he is back for you Sam. I know how worrisome missing kitties can be to the heart.
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How True! M.A! Thanks Sam.
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AAWWWW!!! I was SO sad for you, when I first started reading this post!! I am SO happy for you!! I have had pets get lost before, and it is SO awful and ALL you do is worry and fret while they are gone! I know your day is so much better now, that your little kitty is back!
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oh i'm so glad he's back!
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I'm glad he's back as well. I don't let Spike out at all, and when he's lost (hiding inside the house somewhere), I completely freak out.
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another happy ending, and it will be better when you are feeling ok again, Sam.
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Sam - I am so glad for you!

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I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw that post! I'm so glad he's home! Sounds like he's got other friends somewhere, doesn't it?

About the weed killer... it would have been considerate of your neighbor to say something first, but I'm sure there's no actual right or wrong here. Maybe what you can do is write up a short note to your neighbors asking them to alert your family when they plan to use poisons in their yards (like weed killers). Let them know that the longer in advance they can let you know the better. Include your phone number(s), thank them, and then photocopy it and pass it out?

Just an idea. It seems like your neighbor is friendly, just not really thinking about much besides the weeds...

I hope YOU'RE feeling better, healthwise! I know you're feeling better now you know Yogi's safe.
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OHh I hope he comes home soon!!!
Maybe call a radiop station and have them announce your missing kitty..I am not sure if they do that where you live, but here, they will describe your animal and ask whoever has seen him/her to call the radio station or your home number....I sure hope you find him!
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Hi Everyone!

Thank you for being so supportive. It helps to have good friends at a time like this.

Thanks lots Laurie for the advice. Mum is going over to talk to them as we feel it was quite careless of them, but of course we will be nice about the situation. My Neighbours on the Right side, hate cats, and my cats love people, Loonie & Elmo cat often be seen sitting in their very posh window, they work long hours and I get really scared when the cats are in their house. I always just slip a note under their door telling them our very expensive cats have perched themselves and they always just chase them out.

Kathy I have found him

P.s Thanks again for the Hugs & Kind Support. I know Yogi wouldn't of came home if it wasn't for TCS vibes

Love From Sam.
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Ohh ok, I must have missed your post then! I am so glad he came back and is home now!
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Sweet As. Thank You
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