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How did you spend your Sunday?

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The cats and dogs woke me up at 4:00 am. We can shut the cats out of the bedroom but, when dogs "gotta go" they gotta go.

As usual, Bill cooked breakfast and, despite the early morning wake-up call, the dogs got to split a biscuit. After a few leisurely cups of coffee, several cigarettes and the morning paper, we ventured out to Walgreen's and the grocery store.

Fry's has pork chops for 99 cents a pound and I HAD to get some. There was a woman, with somewhere between 4 and 40 kids (they didn't stand still, long enough to count), who cleaned out the whole section. She then banged on the service door and got the butcher to bring out more packages. I grabbed two, before she could get all of those. She gave me a dirty look and cleaned them out, again.

Bill went out for gas and beer and I had a $2 lottery ticket to trade in. I'm sending him out, for lottery tickets, more often - the one that he brought me was a $30 winner! Maybe I should have HIM buy the Powerball tickets.

I managed to sort and put away my "unmentionables", without Buddy stealing anything. He was napping on the bed, while I sorted and folded but, he couldn't be bothered to indulge his fetish. I DID wait until he got up, to strip and change the bed. THAT got done, without "assistance", too. Opie supervised, from Bill's nightstand and Buddy didn't show up, until I was puting cases on the pillows - THOSE he attacked.

In addition to the housework, I colored my hair and put another coat of polish on my nails. Bill has pork chops (what else?) on the grill and we'll have a quiet evening at home.

How was YOUR Sunday?
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My Sunday was very quiet. Slept in late with Ivo who now likes to sleep cuddled against my leg. Had breakfast and coffee, and read some Harry Potter (I've gone back and started with book 1). Went to Coventry Cats and got Ivo cat food and a catnip sleeping pad (or Boogie Mat). Came home, took a nap, talked with Dad and chatted with Laurie and Heidi. Read some more Harry Potter and now I'm online.

This is my definition of a good Sunday
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This morning, the cats woke us up early and so off we went and ate breakfast at Angelo's a local restaurant that serves good and cheap breakfasts - had eggs sunny side up, with bacon and home fried potatoes.
Then I came home and started reading my Harry Potter book and decided it was time to cool off and went to my landlords up the driveway and swam all morning.
Took a break from swimming and had lunch at home - chicken sandwiches. After lunch, we let our tummies settle and went back to the pool and swam some more. My neighbour came over and realised that she was supposed to go to a birthday party and left almost right away.
We carried on swimming and my landlord got up (she works nights at the post office and so sleeps most of the day) and we talked with her and her hubby.
Then it started to rain so we came home and relaxed, I am watching a movie on telly, nothing really good on anyway, bloody reruns.
I plan to relax this evening and read some more of my Harry Potter book, I am really enjoying it.
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I had a pretty uneventful Sunday. The past 2 days at work were absolutely horrible and I'm dreading going back to that hell hole tomorrow. I'm counting my days in the Pharmacy...thank God, less than 3 weeks to go!

Anyway, after working like a dog for the past 2 days, I'm just completely worn out. I got outta bed at 10:30 this morning and returned at 1:30. I slept til 5 and haven't even got out of my PJ's. I probably won't til tomorrow morning!
Just ate dinner (grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and pork chops) and now tinkering around on the PC. Gonna polish my fingernails and possibly my toenails...if I'm that ambitious!

Man, I have a boring life! But, it felt pretty dang good to do NOTHING today!
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Woke up in a tent, camped close to a gorgeous lake at about 11,000 feet above sea level. Got up, tore down camp with hubby (an event, to say the least ), and found out that our friend had already made breakfast for everyone.

Came down the hill early enough to avoid traffic and have been trying to catch up on TCS since I got home. Chatted with MA, Lola, Laurie and Christy, and my friend Tony (not everyone all at once, thank goodness!). I'm still so tired. Camping was great, but I just didn't sleep well the first night we were up there, and being outdoors and hiking around when you aren't used to it really wears you out!
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well this sunday i got to sleep in for a change, my 2 kitties slept in thats why went to my mom and dads to do some things for them, then cleaned house and did laundry, then took my blackie a long walk, the weather is very nice today and that was the best part of my day, he really likes to walk and smell things,(i know what i think) now im into evening and its time for the ole litter pan to be washed and cleaned, then if there is time my husband and i will go for a short ride, exciting day
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My day was very boring. Jollied up the kitty johns, mopped kitchen floor, did 4 loads of laundry, watched several movies, watered my flower beds, spent a lot of time on TCS, and talked to my son in Michigan. For some reason the last two weekends I've been very tired. But I feel guilty if I just take it easy around the house! Plus since my husband has been gone I just don't feel like doing anything.

Maybe I should just go with the flow and give myself some time?? Anyway, that's what I did!
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Slept in late because I was up late. Washed dishes, cleaned kitchen floor and did laundry. Read some of Harry Potter, I am rereading them, too. I'm on book 3. Figured out a budget for the next few pays, so Dan and I can pay off some bills. Went to the grocery store and saw Charlie's Angels. Could have done without the movie, it wasn't that great. That's what I did.

What I should have done was clean and read ahead for my grad class. Guess I'll be getting up extra early tomorrow.
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Got up at 10:00 AM
checked e-mail ,went to the store and got some pepsi,checked out TCS.layed down at 2:00 got up at :5:00 re-checked e-mail,and TCS now at 10:30 I am going back to bed!I need a job!!!!!!!
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Got up at 10am, went out to a winery for a tour at 1pm, then came home and ate lunch, went out for a swim about 6, and have been sitting around since about 7:30 playing rummy and listening to Harry Potter.
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Today I spent with 7 kids ages 5 to 1, at Scandia for my son's 5th birthday party. We were there FOUR hours in temps reaching 99*

Scandia is a place that has video games, mini car racing, mini golf, water bumper boats, and other things like that.

We had both a Spiderman cake and a Hulk cake.

I am very tired, sweaty, and grumpy now. Can't wait to go to sleep. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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