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my kitties dream all the time, does yours? my stripey is laying here beside me and is having one heck of a dream, wonder what they dream about, got any ideas, my guess he is after a bird, his feet is moving fast
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yep it happens a lot! Here I have 5 Siamese's!
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Out of the 3 cats of mine, Bud is the most active dreamer of the bunch. He gets so engrossed in his dreams...even to the point that he peed himself and didn't even know it!

Usually he's body trembles, his feet are moving like he's running for dear life and his top lip is raised like Elvis. Sometimes he mews like he's asking for help...usually, I'll gently wake him when he gets like that.
Sometimes it just fun to watch him....I wonder if they do that to us when we dream?
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I've never seen Peaches dream but I bet she does! I've seen it in other kitties I've had in the past.
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I havent seen Zoey dream yet but I've only had her for 4 months
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Elmo is the only one of my kitty bunch, I have seen dreaming. He sits there with his lil nose squshed up on a pillow, breathing heavily and flicking his ears and swiping his paws at the air on occasion ..LOL

It's too cute. Must catch it on Video some day

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I catch Rowdy at it, now and again. Opie and Buddy sleep like the dead. Opie DOES snore, though and makes little groaning noises, in his sleep.

Ike is the champion dreamer. He twitches, yips, whines and barks, in his sleep. Sometimes, he wakes himself up.
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Oh My Gosh. LOL!
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lmao I would love to hear that
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Same here
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Spike's paws, nose, ears and eyes twitch when he's dreaming. Sometimes his little mouth will move a bit as well.
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sounds like some dreaming kitties i would love to hear the barking kittie , just so funny
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